How did this make an impact?

  1. This is great, I always enjoy your article whenever I read it, it’s blesses me so much. Thanks you Pastor Rick.

  2. This are excellent thoughts from Rick. I am on staff at a growing church NewPointe Community Church in Ohio and I can see the need for each of the above mentioned. I see it as essential to remind people that this isn’t our or your church but God’s church is extremely important because control is deadly. Thanks Rick!

  3. ChristianByChoice February 20, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    There is nothing wrong with growth in a church, the young NEED church, but when you start replacing your “faithful” few to gain “church hoppers”. I understand putting a new member to work to keep them involved but then Pastors shun away from those who have been there from day one, who has taken on the postion and responsiblity, if you were not satisfied with thier work why not tell them before replacing them with someone who clearly is not going to stay .

  4. I agree with everything that Pastor Rick just said.However,he fails to mention that many Pastors and their families who try to do the Church Growth stuff become victims of the mean-spirited people who feel that they are losing their church.A good read on this is “Clergy Killers” by G.LLoyd Rediger.

    • Should massive church growth even be the goal of a church?

      • Yes,if we mean by church growth winning people to Christ and incorporating them in the Body Of Christ where the Word of God is preach and taught.No,if you mean the Robert Schuller and Vincent Peale stuff.

  5. But how are many of these growing churches going to bring one more people to Jesus when they don’t even teach anything about coming to Jesus!? Many of them never talk about sin. And without talk of sin, forgiveness is meaningless. Many of them don’t teach about hell and without talk of hell – salvation is meaningless (saved from what)? Without talk of sin and hell, talk of forgiveness, grace and heaven are meaningless – and without talk of all of these – there is no Gospel and there is no bringing people to Jesus.

    • Is it the responsibility of the pastor to preach sin and hell every Sunday or to preach life application?

      Most people are saved outside of church.

    • Jonathan,have you read Rick Warren “The Purpose Driven Life”.Are you trying to put him into the above mention category?

  6. Thanks, Rick! With your ministry impact we have seen God transition our church and grow it at the same time. Thanks for being there throughout the years with you humble heart for pastors. Since 1998 we’ve grown from an inward church to an outward church and seen God grow our church from 150 to 1,750 in the process (mostly through evangelism and service). Keep up the passion!