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  1. You could also add a fifth reason:  Small groups are biblical.

  2. Great article. We have 2 small groups now and working on expanding to more. Small groups really do get the job done. We use the coffee houses in our community.

  3. I feel there needs to be a bit more policing of the small groups. I was in  my second small group and was asked to leave because I was not as knowledgeable as most of the members. I thought that is why one would join a group…to learn….I took this hard and even though I forgiven this leader/group?? I still am shy and have not been able to join a new group. I do not think what was done to me was nice or Christian!!!

    • So sorry to hear about this. Not cool at all. But, don’t let this stop you. God will bring purpose in your life over this situation. Trust Him.

    • I feel as you do regarding htis is not the Christian approach. However, we all are at different levels of christian maturity and this leader obviously eneeds prayer and training. However, do not be discouraged becasue our Only Leader was also mistreated and despised becasue of His Father’s work.We have strength becasue we have His power throught he work of the Holy Spirit . Be encouraged and know that you have my prayers and contact me if I can encourage you any further.
      God bless

    • That is awful. Totally not Christlike

  4. Working on developing small groups at my church right now.  Timely post!