How did this make an impact?

  1. Dear Pastor Rick. I’m a pastor leading a ministry in Cape Town, South Africa. This article really really blessed me in preparing for 2024. Thanks so much. Shawn

  2. Rick
    Thanks for all you do, I’ve been following for years as a senior Pastor.
    I needed to hear this.

  3. Thank you Rick for the simplicity and freshness of your thoughts for others, and me :) – Love & Prayers, DJ

  4. That was a powerful message I really appreciate it

  5. I am really blessed. Even though I am not in the ministry yet as a Pastor, I think these tips will help me in my personal life. I will apply them and am sure it will yield a good result.
    Thanks, be blessed.

  6. Thank you, pastor. May God embrace your life together with your ministry

  7. God bless you! I am happy with this great teaching!

  8. Hi Pastor Rick,

    Your message today was quite timely for me in my ministry. I am an administrator at a private Christian elementary school with one of my primary responsibilities being the oversight of teachers in their first year of teaching at our school.

    Along with the church, this message is so applicable to the world of education. With Christmas break coming up allowing teachers and students two weeks away from the classroom, January is the perfect time for a reset. Every teacher needs a reset to some degree or another. It might be personal priorities that need a reset, but most certainly it is classroom management.

    I am excited and blessed to share your message with our first year teachers next week. My topic for our monthly meeting was already about reset, so now I am thanking God for the confirmation and inspiration. I plan to include your 4 steps as points to reflect on as part of our discussion time and will likely ask for a written response about their plans for their own classroom come January.

    Thank you, Pastor Rick. You are a blessing!

    Merry Christmas!
    Carrie Gulino