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  1. Pastor Rick Warren is one of the greatest blessings God gave me. His book, The purpose Driven Life changed my life completely.
    Oh Lord, please pour more of your grace on Pastor Rick Warren, in Jesus name!

  2. Pastor Rick,
    I am not pastor but I am supervising a pastor in his doctorate degree. This article is very true but is is so much like a “management what to do” kind of thing.
    The most important element to make friends for a pastor is to put down his professionalism of nurturing and pastoring others in the process. Simply let the “other” touch and love you and a friend does.

  3. This is for any lonely person in the body to remind ourselves how the Lord truly designed us to be like him, friendly and with a pinch of wisdom, because guarding our hearts to become a good friend requires us being a good friend and that takes transparency and openness which sometimes is not so easy to do, so we pray and learn and pray and walk by faith, continually asking for Gods
    Wisdom about who, and what gets in my heart

  4. Very encouraging, I’m learning thank you very much. Hope to continue to receive more teachings on how to be a good leader for it is my desire to be one. Thank you very much Pastor Rick Warren. God bless you more richly.

  5. Mike Anderson May 18, 2016 at 9:52 am

    Such a powerful principle – so elegantly stated: “you attract what you are.”

    To me this is an application of Matt 7:2 “For in the WAY you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of MEASURE, it will be measured to you.”

    The WAY I judge flows from who I am – if I am loving, I will “judge”, evaluate, and hence treat others in a loving manner. The MEASURE also is a function of who I am. If I am generous, I will be treated with generosity.

    Combine the two: If I love little – I will receive little etc.

    Great insight – thank you so much!!

    Mike Anderson

  6. Definitivamente los líderes necesitamos estar rodeados de buenos amigos que compartan momentos simples y especiales con nosotros. Los consejos expuestos en este artículo son interesantes debido a que muestran la fragilidad de los líderes y su necesidad de fortalecerse con relaciones saludables en cada momento de la vida.

  7. Very helpful — just like always. Thanks Pastor Warren for keeping it simple, Biblical and helpful. Blessings! Fotena

  8. Your precept “Leaders are often lonely.” is not true. It should read “Successful leaders are lonely sometimes.” or “Poor leaders are often lonely.” Note most of the apostles were in groups, thus get with it.

    • Mike Anderson May 18, 2016 at 10:00 am

      This is a great observation Frank. What I have observed is that much of what Rick says are like statements in be book of Proverbs – observations that are valid a great amount of the time, though there are always exceptions.

    • Javier Menendez May 19, 2016 at 9:50 am

      NOt that easy when you´re in a position surrounded by many people that expects many things from you in the position you are. It´s very tough and risky to open your heart with the people you are pastoring.
      Personally I found healthier to cultivate deep relationships with people in the church I pastor, but my friends (meaning people who sees my weaknesses, and support me in them) are other pastors or people outside my local church.