How did this make an impact?

  1. I somewhat disagree with this assessment in all cases. I am a 30-something who takes my faith in Christ seriously yet longer feel compelled to attend an institutional church. My reasons are as follows:

    1. I cannot support an organization that places one man (senior pastor) over a group of people. I see no distinction between this objection and the original Protestant Reform that broke with the papal authority.

    2. I cannot embrace dogma and group think. Every church I’ve attended has a statement of faith and expectation of adherence to a certain creed. I have enough information available to me to know that there are certain truths that are ambiguous and require discussion. I need freedom to examine multiple sides of an issue and changel my opinion. Institutional churches are not known as places that encourage discussion and disagreement.

    3. I cannot get behind the exclusivity or in-group/out-group thinking the church portrays. Jesus seemed to have special affection for the outcast. The modern institutional church seems to elevate itself over the heathen in judgement rather than embracing and participating in the brokeness.

    These are my reasons for pulling away from the institutional church and specifically the Sunday service. It would serve pastors well to understand the problem by listening rather than judging from above.