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  1. Love it. I’ve been telling people this for years, thanks for putting it into writing!


  2. Ed,

    As we continue to go around Atlanta and invite “Christians” to share their testimony on video and the internet with humility and reverence, I believe we are intersecting with a ton of cultural Christians. I am just a guy from the marketplace who is following a call so these are just layman observations. But as I meet, listen, and serve more people from within the Christian community, I see what you describe here. The nature of our ministry challenges people into a binary decision of the mind and heart, of whether they will take an action step, or do nothing. As we wait for wise and Godly leaders to help us steward this young movement we’ve been entrusted with, we try our best to help those that wish to, live out their faith.

    I’ve seen patterns emerge from my many one on one invite/encounters that I think syncs up with what you are saying here, and wrote about it on the blog:

    Hope to meet you someday and drink up some perspective and wisdom to help guide The 3:15 Project towards God’s will.