How did this make an impact?

  1. Hey Pastor Rick,

    Thank you for your message. I’m a newly ordained priest and was ordained at the Christ Cathedral in Garden Grove this past July. I’ve been following your work for years and have found so much inspiration and insight in it. I’ve been to a couple of PDC Conferences at Saddleback as well as a couple of Pastor’s Prayer Breakfasts. My first assignment is actually right next door to your church, Santiago de Compostela Catholic Church in Lake Forest. I’m assigned as the assistant priest to our pastor here. I’ve been spending a lot of my time just getting to know the people here and build a good trust and rapport with them. I’ve also encouraged several of our parishioners to reach out to Saddleback to see if there might be an opportunity to collaborate in building God’s Kingdom. Just want to let you know that you’re an inspiration and that I continue to be edified by what you do.

    Fr. Martin Vu

  2. This is encouraging. I was taught by a few nationally-respected pastors that a local pastor has up to 5 years to create growth in a church. They cited national research that stated if growth does not happen within the first 5 years, that particular pastor will not be able to lead that particular church to growth. I am half way through year 5 and I still have not figured out how to equip our church leaders to have a greater impact on our community. I have lived with the concern of a 5 year deadline for 3 years. I know there are many factors that play into a church increasing it’s impact for Christ, but reading this article was helpful because I love the church and community and have no desire to move.

  3. Good morning, thanks for returning. I couldn’t agree more with what you just wrote about the changes.
    This new pastor at our church is willing to change, and since our first meeting he asked me why people from our beach town wouldn’t attend his church. I told him what the discussions take place when they talk about the SnowBall church. It’s a Pentecostal , they speak in Glossolalia language, and they deliver the word of the Lord screaming with lots of emotion…Do you really think I can change that? I have been following you since my conversion and the fulfillment is there. I go to their small meetings here in Brazil so I get in touch with Christians…but when I go to their church I don’t enjoy because of the screaming; it really changes the focus.
    Our children went to live in California and we don’t want to stay in Brazil without them. Sometimes we try to plan our lives and it seems not to go the way we wanted to. I prayed for directions and the Spirit just told me to tell how I feel to this pastor… and I did, it’s all I can do for now.
    Thanks for returning, and in October we will be in Oceanside visiting our kids and definitely I’ll be visiting Saddleback as well.

    God Bless your lives !


    Patricia Norton

  4. Dear sir,thank you for the message and blessings.

  5. Thank you Pastor Rick.. I really needed to hear this.

  6. I am willing to gave rest of my life to this church