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  1. God bless you pastor Rick, you are a blessing to this generation. Greater grace.

  2. Amen Wow what a reminder of our purpose for living Gods way and doing what we were born for to praise and worship Him and let others know about Him

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  5. Thank you pastor rick,,may the Lord gave you more power and knowledge to continue use you in this ministry I am blessed with this message.

  6. Getting used by God as you call it reduces one to indignity. Being used by another entity cannot be gods way if there is something like that.I say this cos For years now I have borne the brunt of some influences which are using me as a vehicle against my will.

    How can servitude ever be Gods plan. It seems to be more of group of people who exploit another through this way to aggregate power & influence the future & mind of people. politicians in nexus with religious heads like yourselves have done this for eons.

    Please tell me its not so but with sound reasoning & not with creating Fear. Awaiting.

  7. I look forward to spiritually feeding on your knowledge. I pray that God strengthens you to do more work for him and win more souls for him through your inspirational articles/books.

  8. What has happened to the inspirational books you wrote that has blessed the Christian community all over the world which you have left for another?
    Return to your first love. Jesus loves you still.

  9. MANEX MWANAMUKANKA May 12, 2016 at 2:37 am

    servant of GOD

    this is very powerful teaching for a true minister of gospel.

    am humbled & blessed.
    may the most high GOD bless you.

  10. Let me start from Paul–“I can do all things through him who strengthens me’. Phili[ians 4: 13. Then James 1: 22. The reason we human beings suffer is because of our disobedience. We lie to each other in America. The American Christian community is too much deep into money. Money rules the world–so the world suffers heavily. We got the money but fail woefully to share with others. Too many people live on the streets in America–the wealthiest nation on earth. Too many people in prisons. Black Americans continues to be oppressed. Black youth kills each other in their community. Where do we go from here my dear brother–Pastor Rick. Love you.++++++++++

  11. I’m studying the life of Samson. He broke every “requirement” on this list and evidently didn’t read this article because he was still used by God. In fact, thinking about many (maybe most, even all?) of the characters in the Scripture don’t qualify according to this list. I think it speaks to God’s power that he doesn’t depend on the quality of the person in order to enact His will. Rick’s sentiments are nice in theory and they certainly do make us better people. But, at best, they make us aware of how God might be using us – they’re certainly not requirements. It’s misleading or even spiritually damaging to imply that that these are “must have” qualities.

  12. As usual inspiring and guiding word. Dear rick remain blessed in His service

  13. RIck is of course right and these five things are all necessary.
    Except that if the last thirty years has taught me anything it’s that just because it looks like God is “using someone” because they are famous or have a mega church or huge ministry, it doesn’t mean at all that their life was “clean”. We could all write a list of someone with a huge church or TV ministry who falls, but then we find out that the sin had been going on for years, So how do we explain that?

    • You can simply answer,
      Does God use you when you live in sin. I know sin separates me from God, like it did to King Saul

  14. Pastor Rick, thanks for sharing and I pray Gods grace to sustain you in all you do. I pray for More wisdom, for humility, love and that you continue to walk in integrity . I love you and your family. God bless you and Saddleback Church.

    We follow you with our heart and remember you in
    our prayers right here in Accra, Ghana.

  15. Rev.Samuel Agosu March 13, 2014 at 6:43 pm

    God’s servant Pastor Rick, thanks for this simple truth that will help every lovers of truth, many are following the Lord Jesus but don’t want to live the of Jesus which is simply purity.what Rick Warren shared is to help us and remind us of our commitment to holiness the Bible says be ye holy; so that we can be more used by the master, please let no one misunderstood this simple teaching. The Lord will help us to live the kingdom life in the name of Jesus

  16. Michael represents the segment of religious people that forget that there are biblical principles that Rick Warren has learned to use to encourage believers. These principles do not neglect nor deny nor supplant the sound doctrine that I know Rick Warren believes in and stands on. Stop looking for every word you can find to criticize a man of God.

  17. The “If’s” of the Bible are descriptive rather than prescriptive because of Jesus. We can do none of this in our own might and power it is “Christ in us the Hope of Glory”. So when the Bible says “Be Holy for i am Holy” in us this is impossible but because of the righteousness of Christ we can Be Holy for He who lives in us is Holy. Pastor Rick is addressing our positioning in Christ not a formula that makes Christ do something in or for us. Each of these steps is about Christ’s rule in our lives or Lordship over our lives and our personal surrender to allow that to happen daily. 1. Clean (The Righteousness of Christ) 2. Eyes Open ( Daily Following His leading) 3. Grateful (Living in gratitude even when things are not going as we hoped) 4. Firm Purpose (Daily surrender to God) 5. Mind on Jesus (will and emotions given daily in surrender to Christ’s Lordship)

  18. Michael Cordich March 12, 2014 at 2:45 pm

    I’m sorry, but where in the Bible does God tell us directly that if we do these five things he will use us – Nowhere! These are simply made up in Rick’s mind. To say that these are God’s requirements of us before he will use us means that God is working from a basis of law or quid pro quo, that’s to say IF we do…THEN God will do…, but there are many times throughout the Scriptures where God has used people who have done none of these things. Abraham was an idol worshiper when God came to him. Gideon was not following these steps when God called him. How about Samson, definitely not one we could hold up as an example of these steps, yet God used him. Then there are unbelievers like Pharaoh and Cyrus and nations like Assyria and Babylon all used by God for his purpose and none of them followed these steps. Rick is being unhelpful and untruthful when he makes statements like “here are five things you need to do to make yourself usable.” The emphasis is on the wrong person. For Rick it’s what YOU need to do to make YOURSELF usable. These then are man centered rules, not God centered grace.

    By the way, the first one will never happen. Your life is never clean, at least not on your own. The only reason we can be clean enough for God to use us is because of the shed blood of Jesus Christ who paid for all our sins when our sins were imputed to him, and now he has imputed to us his righteousness, a perfect standing before God without blemish. So then being clean enough for God to use is not based on what we do, but on what Christ has already done. The reason God uses us at all is not because we have followed five easy rules to be usable, we are being used by God because of his wonderful and amazing grace provided to us in Jesus Christ. Everything God does in our lives is because of his grace, not because of our merit.

    • Michael, you make good points, but your points don’t negate the fact that we still must be good soldiers, run the race with endurance, watch our souls and our doctrine, and work out our own salvation. We believe strongly in living a grace-based life, but there are still dozens of admonitions in scripture to be careful about how we live.

    • Thank you very much, Michael. I totally agree with you. This is where we, as Christians, need to be very careful to discern and separate when a pastor is speaking the mind of God from speaking his/her own mind. In as much as I respect Rick Warren, I believe he is speaking his own mind this time around. To make a very bold, authoritative and conclusive assertion such as above, is wrong and misleading.

      God has already told us His ways are not our ways and His thoughts not our thoughts. It is very wrong for anyone to authoritatively prescribed how God will work or do things, aside from the written Word.

      Sometimes, most of the theories propounded by most of the pastors appear logically sensible and seem plausible, but some of the times, are not scriptural.

      This is not, in any way, to demean Rick Warren or his work. He is a good pastor that writes and has written very good and inspiring books and articles which I regularly subscribe to.

      • Again, what about this verse? 2 Timothy 2:21 says, “If you keep yourself pure, you will be a utensil God can use for his purpose. Your life will be clean, and you’ll be ready for the Master to use you for every good work.” (NLT)

        How would you guys interpret it?

        I totally get that it’s grace we depend on, but this verse still says, keep… yourself… clean… We can only do that in God’s power, but God won’t force us to be clean. He calls us to decide to be so.

      • >>how interpret?<< Part of the problem here is NLT. Notice what 2 Tim 2:21 really says: then "he will be a vessel for HONORABLE use." (BTW, is not the purpose of every law/command–whether OT or NT–to convince us of our impotence to "cleanse ourselves" and drive us to surrender and dependence?) I believe Michael is raising a crucial issue here. God uses anyone (regardless of their condition) for his purposes. There are commands to holiness, etc. But I believe that to suppose there are conditions which "qualify us to be used" is to minimize the truth of depravity and miss the essence of grace. Likewise, to suppose that our failure to do so might somehow limit God or hinder his purpose is a fundamental misunderstanding of his omnipotence and sovereignty. As Michael pointed out, there are far too many biblical examples of completely unworthy people whom God has "used for his purpose"–not just in spite of their unworthiness, but sometimes specifically through their sinfulness. And to that long list of unworthy vessels God has used, I add myself. I suspect that Rick would join me, too. Maybe he should take a second look at his words.

      • Chip, if you’re referring to God’s sovereign purposes, every act of evil is included in what God “uses.” The obvious context here is that His directive will is in question. Consider Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 9:27, “I strike a blow to my body and make it my slave so that after I have preached to others, I myself will not be disqualified for the prize.” (NIV) I remember my rather astute Greek professor reading that verse and then stopping to warn my class of young preachers – “If you want God to use you, be disciplined. The greatest tragedy would be to be put on the shelf by God because of unholiness.” I’ve agreed with him and have seen the practical implication of that lesson over twenty years now.

      • Thanks for the reply, Brandon. This is probably a longer discussion than I want to type. And, at the end of the day, we probably would still see things differently.The point I’m trying to make (and I think Michael is trying to make, too) is that “being used by God” is not what is at stake in our obedience. Of course God wants us to experience what Rick is describing–and our experience in ministry will be greatly diminished otherwise. OK, now, two things I want to observe (and you may not agree): 1) Yes, this is God’s directive will. But I can’t do it. I can only rely on God to graciously clean me, open my eyes, change my heart, hold me in his purpose, and renew my mind. 2) My doing of these things is not related to God using me. Yes, this is God’s sovereign will, which means God accomplishes all that he chooses to do, even using sin, evil and my failures to be/do everything that God has directed me to be/do. Here’s the point: I believe it is misleading (misdirecting) to say that “being used by God” is somehow dependent on our behavior/efforts because it encourages people to trust in their own attempts to obey God instead of driving them to surrender, dependence, and confidence in what God will certainly do–even without our assistance. It doesn’t mean at all that it’s OK to disobey God’s directives. It has to do with the reason why I should choose to obey. I think the link we constantly try to make between our behavior and “the results” is largely a product of our culture (rather than revelation) and it has greatly affected the way we interpret the Bible. Like I said before, you might not agree. I’m just putting out an alternative that I think deserves some serious consideration. I spent 30 years in ministry focused on discipline, faithfully doing my best. All I can say is that Jesus rescued me and I realized that the heavy burden I was trying to carry was not the yoke of Christ.

      • Babatunde Adewale March 13, 2014 at 2:30 pm

        I think everything Pastor Rick is saying is to help us live what we preach. One of the greatest lies Satan is using to mislead many church leaders today is that because Christ has died for you, you can live your life the way you want. Pastor Rick is simply reminding us, especially with his first point that our God is holy, and holiness in service must be our watchword.

    • Michael, you make some good points but I fear your answers may have been fueled by by emotion and disagreement rather than with love and a gracious rebuking nature.

      James 5:9 “Don’t grumble against one another…” You make the point in the second paragraph that having a clean life “will never happen.” I don’t know if you meant sarcasm to come through in the wording of this paragraph but it very much did. Rick doesn’t say “If you have even the slightest sin in your life then God will never use you and he will cast you aside as a worthless lump of flesh.” It should be obvious that Rick is not saying that you have to be perfect for God to use you. I think we must be careful to guard our emotions and reactions and take time to seriously look into the deeper meaning of something before we respond. I believe the point Rick was trying to make (and a point I believe he made well) is that if we expect God to work in our lives in a might way and if we expect God to use us powerfully then we must be willing to cleanse our lives before Him.

      • Wayne, sorry, I believe your response is based more on emotions and trying to defend Rick Warren. Rick does not need anyone, apart from God, to defend him. He is a good pastor. However, just because Rick is a good pastor does not make him infallible and cannot make mistakes.

        Brandon Cox’s response was more balanced and objective. How can you accuse someone of being emotional and antagonistic when you do not even know him or were with him when he wrote his response.

        This is not right. You also must practise what you preach. Let us stay within the context of what is written.

    • Michael I think you’re missing the point. Rick is sharing some real wisdom gleaned from years of experience as a pastor. If you see a brother in a mess due to personal sin, you would help him seek God for freedom and probably offer accountability. You would probably start by saying ‘That’s something you need to get sorted out’ meaning go to God for help.
      Quite frankly, I’ve got a lot of time for a guy who has planted hundreds of churches, which are still growing, written books that have changed lives and led many to Christ.

    • Hi Michael . . . here is some scripture that speaks to Pastor Rick Warren presented regarding purity. This is clearly a ” . . . if anyone . . . then God will.” “Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself
      from what is dishonorable, he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as
      holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work. So flee youthful passions
      and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, along with those who call on
      the Lord from a pure heart. Have
      nothing to do with foolish, ignorant controversies; you know that they breed
      quarrels. And the Lord’s servant must
      not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, correcting his opponents with
      gentleness” (2 Timothy 2:21-26 ESV).
      Pastor Dave Beckwith

    • Michael, you are partly right and partly wrong. Indeed, God’s grace is such that it can overcome our incapacity and our failures and use us anyway. That does not obviate the truth that we can discipline ourselves in such a way to be more available to the Holy Spirit and for God’s use. Rick Warren’s principles are sound, as long as it is remembered that God can use even an unfit vessel, and indeed that we are all, to a greater or lesser degree, unfit vessels, as we are all sinners.

      It is a distortion to speak in absolute terms in either direction, as if we have to be spotless for God to use, on the one hand, or as if it does not make a difference whether we live a spiritually disciplined life, on the other hand.

      God is not limited, and God’s grace is abundant. Yet, God calls us to, and works in us to produce, a spiritually disciplined life. God loves us enough to accept us just as we are, but loves us too much to leave us that way. We Methodists call the first truth God’s justifying grace and the second God’s sanctifying grace.

  19. Yes when we submit ourselves to God .we will become His vessels to carry the good news …

  20. A good reminder .Thank you.