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We’re all familiar with making New Year’s resolutions, and we all have every intention of following through with them, saying, “This is the year I’m going to lose the weight, quit drinking, fix my marriage, etc.” However, for the majority of Americans, these resolutions often get tossed to the curb along with the holiday garbage, and within weeks, people fall back into their old habits.

According to The University of Scranton, a mere 8 percent of people will successfully achieve their New Year’s goals. For this reason, I propose a change — rather than making a mere resolution this year, focus on making true life transformations. That means not simply addressing the symptoms of problems but taking a very hard look and addressing the heart of those issues. Transformation means a thorough and dramatic change — a real life change.

Here are five key steps below to help get you started in that process.

Let go of the resolutions you made in 2016 that didn’t work.

There is no use beating yourself up for past failed resolutions. Often, those resolutions stem from unrealistic fantasies and expectations, and wind up doing us more harm then good when we realize we have…

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