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Leading from the Middle

Dear leader,

Kurt Johnston is Saddleback’s student pastor, and he has been on my youth ministry team since 1998. I know very few people who effectively “lead from the middle” like Kurt. Although his article is directed toward youth workers, I encourage you to pass this article on to anyone in your church who is “leading from the middle.”

Pastor Rick

The typical youth pastor in the typical church often appears right in the middle of the org chart—somewhere between the lead pastor and the janitor. If that’s you, you’re probably trying to figure out how to “lead up” and gain influence in your church from the middle of the pack.

Here are a few suggestions that will help you have an upward influence:

Honor the Decision You Disagree With

As somebody in the middle, you often get decisions handed down to you that you need to hand down to others. It can be painful and frustrating to be handed decisions that seriously affect your world—even though you had little or no input in the process….

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