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The most frequently asked question I get from pastors is always about online small groups, and it’s a question that has become dramatically relevant for churches in recent weeks. How does Saddleback Church do online small groups? How do they meet? How do you train leaders? Do you ship materials to group members? These are all great questions! The Online Campus at Saddleback Church has over 1,000 online-only small groups, and we’ve learned a great deal about what works and doesn’t work over the years.

Take a few minutes to read our answers to commonly asked questions!

1. What is an online small group? It’s a group of three to fifteen people who gather regularly through a text platform, audio call, or video software, facilitated by curriculum and training from our church.

2. What does a typical online small group meeting look like? Most online small groups watch a video teaching prior to their slotted meeting time. During an online small group text conversation, audio call, or video meeting, they use the discussion questions provided with the video teaching to guide the conversation. Meetings start…

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Saddleback Online

My big third grade school project was a beast. Every eight-year-old had to do their final project in front of the class and Mr. Michaels, my teacher who might as well been Michael Myers considering I was so scared, filmed the entire performance. I hated the idea of being in front of my peers and a video camera staring me dead in the eyes did not help. This fear of public speaking was irrational, but that did not help my body from shaking throughout my presentation. Maybe I was just channeling my inner Thom Yorke. It is funny how at eight I thought the camera was a form of torture, but over time my perspective started to change. Let’s look at the fears of doing Church Online and I’m going to make the argument they are irrational as well.

Fear #1: It will shrink the local church attendance

People now can experience what happens in a church building without ever stepping into the facility. Church Online becomes a huge marketing tool for those who would never walk through your doors. I can tell story after story of people who watched…

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