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Four Ways to Rethink Missions in Your Church

What if your church could become a catalyst for transformation in your community and throughout the world?

Your church was made for a mission—this is God’s design. Jesus and his disciples modeled that the church is meant to be the place where life change and practical solutions flow out from healthy members to the world.

Here are four ways your church can reach your next level in caring for your community and ministering to communities around the globe:

Reclaim your church’s role in missions.

God designed the local church to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the community. Jesus showed us his ministry priorities by caring for the sick, assisting the poor, educating the next generation, and loving his neighbors. We are called to follow his model.

For many years, however, organizations and governments have taken on much of the work we consider missional—from caring for the poor in our communities to sheltering orphans overseas. While these entities are important, they alone can’t create change on the scale that will truly solve the problems impacting billions around the globe. We will never have enough doctors, teachers, or…

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All Africa Pastors GatheringThe last of the pastors have arrived, from around the world this morning, for the next All-Africa Pastors’ Gathering here in Rwanda. This is the second gathering of leaders as we build toward the All-African Purpose Driven Leadership Congress in 2017. The next three days we will be moving leaders closer to catalyzing 54 nationwide movements of healthy, purpose driven churches who are transforming lives in their communities and planting churches where none exist. It is our desire to see the Great Commandment and the Great Commission fulfilled everywhere!

We are here in Kigali because what has happened in Rwanda is nothing less than miraculous! Romans 1:8 (TEV) says, “I thank my God… because the whole world is hearing about your faith.” The reconciliation, renewal and resurrection from the devastation of this genocide is inspiring and life-giving.

So, over the next three days, leaders from around the world will learn the story of Rwanda and the impact of The Global PEACE plan from the Rwandans who made it happen. Their stories of faith and perseverance along with the lessons they learned from this incredible journey are an example for a…

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Tuesday’s here again!  You’re a few days away from preaching your last message, you’re five days from doing it all over again.  Your leadership team wants time with you to go over Easter plans and you realize you’re speaking at a memorial on Thursday.  That’s the regular cycle of ministry in full swing.  Next thing you know, it will be Christmas. Oh my!

With this kind of schedule, it’s easy to get worn down quickly, experience debilitating fatigue, become desensitized, even dull.  That kind of weekly grind can decrease your passion, negatively affect your decision making, cloud your vision and reduce the fruit of your ministry.  And that’s just you.  Your staff is feeling it as well.

How can you reduce your stress and increase your effectiveness in ministry?  Practice these two habits:  Number one, sharpen your skills.  Take the time to hone your skills.  Get better at the things you do.  And number two, sharpen their skills.  Invest in the skill development of the team around you.  When you increase their effectiveness your effectiveness increases.

Sharpen Your Skills

Ecclesiastes 10:10 says, “If the ax is dull and its edge unsharpened, more strength is needed but skill will bring success.” …

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