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I’m new at this.

I took on leadership of small groups at my church in early 2017. Immediately, I signed up for The Lobby – my first small group conference experience! It was exciting – and a bit intimidating, to be honest. I felt like the new kid in school. But I came home feeling encouraged, equipped, and motivated to act.

Our church has functioning small groups, but a change in leadership always offers a chance to reexamine vision and values. There is much I don’t know about leading a small group ministry – but certain principles translate easily. Since I’m probably not the only one who is starting from scratch, here are a few basic principles to remember when starting fresh:

1. Pray. Duh. This seems to be a no-brainer, but truth be told, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forged ahead with some great ministry idea – all on my own strength. I’m a leader – my default is to get things done – so I have to remind myself to pray first for discernment and wisdom. I asked God to show me the right people for a leadership team; if I am going to preach with integrity that we are #bettertogether, I need…

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