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  1. One idea is be available to talk about conflict instead of avoiding it–which makes things drag on. I was at a church where a pastor heavily relied on email for pastoral counseling regarding problems in a group. It was slow and ineffective. They also had a fuzzy confidentiality policy amongst their staff–things could get passed on to other staff members with no notice to members. In the end, a conversation is quicker and much more personal. Please tell members your staff’s sharing and confidentiality protocol upfront before talking, though. That’s called “informed consent” and is less mysterious or surprising.

  2. Great points! Here is an additional consideration: Unity through the Gospel

  3. Richard Isabirye June 13, 2012 at 3:24 pm

    Dearest Pastor Rick, indeed you’re my inspirational minister of the Gospel of our LORD JESUS CHRIST. You’ve blessed my heart. Please keep encouraging many of us in the LORD.
    Every time I read your messages, I get refreshed in the spirit and fire is being ignited within me to be more like CHRIST.
    God bless you.
    In His service
    Richard Isabirye
    Pastor-Deliverance Church-Kayunga
    Uganda East Africa.

  4. One can’t disagree with the clear directives in this Scripture outline.  Great teaching that will produce quality living.

  5. we must live beyond our self interest but the interest of others 

  6. Pastor Rick. Thank you for this word. I will practice it in my family, church and workplace. Be blessed

  7. Very educative and inspiring, I hope every Pastor and church worker will learn and practice this in our everyday lives. God bless Pastor Rick