How did this make an impact?

  1. This is the right position in 2021 as Christians. Thank you Man Of God.

  2. Phineas Mwiti Murega January 16, 2021 at 8:58 pm

    a very encouraging piece. May God bless you

  3. Amen. It’s so important in this time that we both let ourselves grieve and lament what is going on, but then set our eyes on the hope that we have. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for this word in season.

  5. Gracias. Soy Pastora en Guatemala. Sus mensajes nos animan y fortalecen.

  6. What happened to the sailors on the submarine? Were they rescued? Not doubting the story, but interested in how it ended. Thanks!!!

  7. Thanks for this wonderful encouragement

    • I wanted to know if you know the name of the submarine mentioned in the article. I want to use that in a sermon and wanted a few more details if I could find them.

  8. What was the name of the submarine that sank off the Virginia cost that Rick Warren mentions at the beginning of this lesson?

  9. What happened with the submarine that sank in Virginia after the war? You mentioned at the beginning. What was the submarine called?
    Thank you for your message.