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  1. I think that feeling that you are making a difference is of utmost importance. It would be great to be able to use each person’s giftings in some kind of capacity. We’ve all been given different talents, and it’s when we can use those talents God has given us that we begin to feel we have value. Great article!

  2. Yeshua never instructed these buildings to be called church. We are the church and there is no membership in Christ. The body of Christ serves as the members. The church is to fellowship every day , where every they go to the market to a business. Romans 16:5. – church meets in the house. I’m glad I saw this , this is my message to a business place as the message to the unsaved and hurting which God gave me. Confirmation is always edifying. When we the body of Christ stop calling a building a church until than we will be able to hear and speak the spirit of truth. Man can not serve the people with regilous formats on what to expect. Meeting the needs comes through the gifts of the spirit serving one another.Blessings Shalom

    • Janet R Torres April 9, 2016 at 2:02 pm

      So explain how you call the building where the church meet? And when you are sharing where you congregate what do you say?

  3. Thank you for the good information.

  4. I think I’d add a 6th – Is God at Work Here?
    Many times I have been struck by how people are drawn to a church where God is at work, with people becoming christians, healing and an authenticity in the worship. I guess people need God first and foremost.

  5. We need to served the LORD, wherein He will choose for us where he will lead us to serve as our spiritual family (Deut.23), and we are indeed neeed to have comitment as a member of GOD household-to be use in a noble purpose (2 Timothy 2:20 ) for His glory according to HIs devine will in our life… its must all His WAYS..for he is the Way not us…our ways are filty rags before the Most HIgh GOD..submit to GOD and resist all devilish thoughts that satan injecting to some minds of followers…the deceiver the devil wants people not to be apart of a great commision-our commitment is important as a member of His body…membership in the body is our covenant before the LORD as soldiers fo GOD..wherein we will serve as a spiritualy legal member of GOD household…wearing the same unblemish bridal gown for the groom we waited for is near to come…anyone who is not wearing the bridal robe…will be thrown out outside(Matthew 25:28-30)…werein there is weeping and gnashing of teeth…are you a member of GOD’s household?YOU MUST!!!for the CHURCH is the body of CHRIST(Colossians 1:18)…we are the member of His body..regardless of any donomination..but we are one in Spirit.mind,heart and purpose in CHRIST…To the Almighty GOD be all the praises and glory!forever & ever!AMEN

  6. Daniel Bardales January 29, 2013 at 8:53 pm

    Great! Must read it! It is going to continue helping our church membership! Thanks. Blessings. Daniel Bardales

  7. At the risk of sounding stupid; How does one biblically teach a formal membership? Are their any negatives to a more informal membership?