How did this make an impact?

  1. Great Post Brandon! Marketing is evangelism. I like how you are addressing the mindset that has kept us behind in the church for so long and less effective in reaching more people with the gospel. I consult churches daily on content strategy to reach the unchurched specifically and encourage them the same way. We also have an advantage over the secular arena in that we are constantly creating new content weekly with sermons, bulletins, etc..We just need to get it out there on the web more effectively via social media to Jared’s point, websites, blogs, plus some…

  2. Very good article with the right thought behind it. I am working to push social media in the church by setting up a true digital ministry using the congregation. We in the church seem to think we have to outsource everything and that social media in particular is difficult. It’s not. We are making it hard.

    My goal is see the Gospel of Jesus spread more than ever through social media. It is hands down the biggest change in communication in history and we simply aren’t using it.

    Thanks for lending your voice. Keep pushing your message and the church with God behind it will get there.

  3. Great post, Brandon. I definitely agree there seems to be a barrier between the secular and the sacred.

    One question I have is: What is the content the church is bringing? What is the message?

    From my perspective growing up in church, the church’s message is Jesus made a way for us to be forgiven of our sins and go to heaven. We simply confess his name.

    While it is good news to Christians, it seems to be bad news to non-Christians. Is there anything the church offers for those who don’t believe?

    • The message of Jesus isn’t for Christians. We are all in the same boat. We were born sinners in a fallen world. You are right that the message is that Jesus made a way. He made it for all of us because we were all lost at some point.

      So to answer your last question, the salvation message is 100% for non-Christians who don’t believe. The Bible says confess Jesus’ name and believe He is Lord and you will be saved. It’s as simple as that. The salvation message does nothing for the person once we become a Christian. The rest of the Bible is for the Christian at that point to give us a way to spread the Gospel, teach our children, guide our families, etc. It’s a book of life and morals to live by.

      I hope that makes sense.