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  1. Thanks for the precious time of yours on this one..

  2. Cobalt_Basement_Development August 19, 2013 at 2:49 pm

    I really enjoyed this post and the way you laid it out. I enjoyed the humour of it as well

  3. I was in the building trade as an electrician and I spent 2 years as a Lay Preacher before becoming a minister and I also spent time exegeting the text whilst at work. I note that in this overview there is no mention of the Holy Spirit it is often the Spirit that gives the sermon it’s spark

    • Ray, I think that is the point of # 2 (not to speak for the author). I totally agree with you, though, and will take it a step further. Not only does the Holy Spirit give “the sermon it’s spark,” but apart from His empowerment, we become mere public speakers. We rely totally on His power and wisdom as we preach “Jesus Christ and Him crucified,” both to speak through us and give the people ears to hear and eyes to see. Blessings! JE