Ministry is Spiritually Hazardous to Your Soul

what they didn't teach you in seminary cover

Let me tell you something you may never have heard before: ministry is spiritually hazardous to your soul. If you haven’t found that out by now, you will. Here are some of the reasons why: First, it is because you are constantly doing “spiritual” things, and it is easy to confuse those things with actually […]

How to End Your Prayer Problems


Prayer problems fall into two major categories: (1) things that are wrong in your attitudes or actions; or (2) things that can interfere with your concentration and hinder the effectiveness of your time alone with God. Attitudes and Actions Which Hinder Prayer Wanting your own will and not God’s will. (1 John 5:14). Selfishness and wrong […]

Developing a Worship Service Prayer Team – Part 2


Earlier this week I posted about developing a prayer ministry at our church. I want to continue to share some of the thought process for this ministry. God has gifted the whole body of Christ to be able to minister to each other. We as pastors can share the load of ministering to those around […]

You Are Not The Message; You Are Simply The Messenger


John replied in the words of Isaiah the prophet, “I am the voice of one calling in the desert, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord.’” John 1:23 (NIV) Pastor, you are a voice. You are not the message; you are simply the messenger. Like Isaiah and John the Baptist, you are the “voice of […]

Preaching a Sermon for the Umpteenth Time: The Temptation to “Phone It In”


A football player’s head is not in the game and he’s just going through the motion. The narrator says he is phoning it in. The stage actor has said those lines precisely 568 times before audiences and an untold number in rehearsal and in front of his bathroom mirror. He has to really work at […]

Four Key Ideas For Your Offering Time This Weekend


Quick tell me your plan for the offering this weekend.  If you are like most church leaders you have not given the offering a thought.  About the only time church leaders think about the offering is after it has been taken up and we are disappointed with the results. Giving as a percentage of Americans […]

Developing a Worship Service Prayer Team – Part 1


It’s a privilege to be able to come and worship God through singing and it’s amazing to hear the word of God presented in a relevant way each week.  But the most important part of a worship service, as we give ourselves to God, is when we respond to the worship and do something with […]

Don’t Underestimate Synergy in Worship Planning


I grew up in the early days of the internet. In my teenage years, I actually created and sold a small computer business. Before I met Jesus, I thought this kind of entrepreneurship was going to be my path in life. During those days, one of my heroes was Andy Grove, the former chairman of […]

Love First, Understand Later


Take comfort, guys, if you can’t always figure out what your special someone wants. You are not alone. Renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking is one of the smartest guys in the world. He contemplates stuff like cosmic string theory, gravitational singularity and the density matrix of the universe. Yet when he was asked in a […]

Pastor Uses Facebook to Pray for Ministers


FAIR OAKS, Ark. (BP) — While it seems a new spam or “phishing” attack occurs on social networking sites every week, a rural pastor is using Facebook to pray for people in the ministry. About a year and a half ago, Al Brodbent was becoming frustrated with the amount of gossip, garbage and solicitation on […]

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