Willow Creek’s New Strategy for Connecting People

By Steve Gladen

The Small Group Show is a free resource distributed to small group leaders, pastors and champions across the country. Hosted by Steve Gladen, current  Pastor of Small Group Community at Saddleback Church, and Brett Eastman, from Lifetogether. They are interviewing some of the most influential, and interesting men and women in the small group movement today in a talk show format to help encourage, equip and inform local Small Group Champions (Pastors, Point Leaders, Staff and Volunteers) whether paid or unpaid looking to both start and sustain healthy small groups in their church.

Steve Gladen

Steve Gladen is Pastor of Small Groups at Saddleback Church, which sees over 30,000 people gathering weekly in 5,000 small groups. He's the founder of SmallGroups.net and travels widely to speak on the topic of small groups and healthy, biblical community. He is the author of several books including Small Groups With Purpose and Leading Small Groups With Purpose.