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  1. Question: I am a pastor of a church plant that is heavily volunteer driven. Our website is run by a person who is very capable and enjoys doing the constant upkeep. When discussing the desire for a church app, this person doesn’t see the need for an app. Her reasoning is that a website can include everything that an app does. And though she makes a great point…responding “Because…people like app better” doesn’t cut it with her. While researching the benefits of apps, i have yet to come across anyone saying this is a great addition to our website. They and this article as well doesn’t mention church websites at all. So why is having an app better than just using your website? Just curious.

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  3. These are all great reasons to have a church app. I wouldn’t recommend building one from scratch though. There are a lot of good app building platforms that cater specifically to churches. Here’s one that let’s you build an app for free in just a few minutes:

    Does your church use a platform or did you build from scratch?

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  6. How about a free church app? We must give the cashless donor a simple and easy way to give what their heart already wants them to.

  7. Hello, I’m Jacob Vieira, I really liked this article “Why and How To Use A Mobile App For Your Church – Mark Brooks”. I’m a Christian from Brazil, and I’d like to know how can I create a Mobile App for my Church? How does it work? If you may, would you send me an e-mail explaning it with more details? This is my address: [email protected]. I’m anxious to learn! Thank you very much! God Bless you!