Why and How To Use A Mobile App For Your Church

By Mark Brooks

Mobile AppsWhether we like it or not the technological revolution is changing the way we work, live and interact with people and even churches.  Few churches are on the cutting edge of this revolution.  If you don’t want to get by passed by the people on the information highway you had better get up to speed quickly.  One way to do this is by having a mobile app designed for your church.

In the last few weeks we have been highlighting the importance of churches having an online presence now more than ever.  With the rise of smart phones it is imperative that the church being ready to reach the 5.2 billion mobile phone users in the world.  Those users are utilizing their mobile phones to find the best restaurant, do their banking, interact with their friends and a host of other things.  Why not give them the ability to interact with your church?

Why Should Your Church Consider Having a Mobile App?  Apart from the obvious that 5.2 billion people use mobile phones in the world there are many other reasons.  Having a mobile app…

  • Shows you are current with the times.  People don’t go to a church because it’s hip or not but you would be surprised how many will avoid a church they feel is out of touch.
  • Increases your presence for those looking for a church.  More and more people are searching the Web to find a church.
  • Allows you to increase your ability to communicate with guests and members.  Imagine having your sermons watched world wide or simply by your members on vacation.
  • Provides you with a platform to build for the future changes in communication and technology.  We have only touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of potential.
  • Gives you an easy way for people to give to your church.  Experts are predicting that the bulk of spending will be electronic in the next five to ten years.

How would you use a mobile app?  The list above gives clues on how to utilize an app.  Here are some practical steps for use.

  • Use the app to push information to members about key events and dates.  While push technology can become a nuisance used correctly it can be a huge aide to your members.
  • Use the app to further your email data base.  One button registration can help you stay current with your members contact information.
  • Provide directions to the church.  Your members can invite their friends and have them down load your app that provides directions on how to find you.
  • Tell a friend feature allows your members to send your app information to those they are inviting to your church.
  • List all your calendar dates, times and venues for all ministries.  This allows your members to easily track when and where they are to be.
  • Podcast your sermons so that members can access them any time and any where.
  • Push technology allows you to notify members of cancellations due to weather etc.
  • Push technology can be used to inform members of ministry needs.  Suppose that you need additional nursery help immediately?  Push the plea for help to the list you have on file.
  • Allow easy connection to your other online portals such as Facebook and your web page.
  • Notify members of special prayer needs.  Suppose someone is critically injured and in surgery.  Send out a prayer appeal!
  • Donations link.  Make it easy for your members to give whether they are there or not.
  • Encourage members to give to special events and causes through your app.

Those are just a few of the ideas.  Frankly this list could go on and on.  You might have even better ideas than these.  In fact why not respond to this post by listing some ways you use your app?  As the old saying goes, “The future is now!”  Is your church ready for the future?

Mark Brooks

Founder and President

The Charis Group

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Source: The Charis Group

Mark Brooks

A prolific writer Mark Brooks has written several print books with “Turbo Charge Your Giving: How To Raise Money in Any Economy,” as his most recent. He has also written several e-books such as “Elevator Pitch Your Offerings,” a one year plan for short stewardship messages. Mark can be found on Twitter as @StewardshipMan. His blog post “The Stewardship Coach,” contains helpful advice on a wide variety of stewardship issues. Mark is the founder and president of The Charis Group.