• D Barry

    What should drive the church, Rick? It should not be purpose. Christ did not say that a purpose driven life or a purpose driven church is our focus. Our focus should be preaching the absolute Gospel Truth and keeping the Holy Spirit in the church, if we do that then everything will be just as the Lord wills it. Your purpose driven garbage is lukewarm at best and is deceitful and underhanded to the Gospel at worst.

  • kevin

    Since our little church began studing the book The Purpose Driven church, a fundermantal change took place people became better and better human beings and spiritual growth and understanding of truth just shot up.
    thank you

  • KenF

    Excellent article! I am praying that my church focuses on the Great Commandment and Great Commission this coming year. We have focused long enough on that other stuff.

  • sdsower

    These are the basic, biblical concepts behind what it means to be a purpose driven church. In the next year, I want to help you and your church discover how to do this in your ministry context so that it will be the greatest year of growth you’ve ever experienced. And growth is far more than numbers. We can grow larger, but we can also grow deeper, broader, warmer, and stronger.- I thought we were the church, why is it about numbers in MY church? The church is the body of Christ and I believe we need to stop the division of MY church & just be the church!