Watching the Church Be The Church

By Matt Steen

DinnerWith all the difficulties of last week, Theresa and I got to watch something pretty cool happen.

Every night last week, somewhere around sixish, a car would pull up in front of our house, and out would come one of our friends carrying a culinary delights. While the food was amazing, the best part of the experience for us was that we had the opportunity to tell the story of these meals to our neighbors, friends, and family.

As neighbors asked about the deliveries, or as as family asked about the origins of dinner, we were able to tell them about how our friend Caitlyn, from our community group, made the lasagna we were able to share a little bit more about our church, our friends, and our faith. While many in our family, and in our neighborhood, are still a little unsure about their feelings on the whole church thing, over the last week they have gotten to see a side of the church that is not caught up in culture wars, political campaigns, or controversy.

So often, as we get caught up in the weekly grind of creating our Sunday morning experiences, it can be easy to forget how important the little touches are in the lives of those with whom we cross paths. Caitlyn’s lasagna may not have led to an altar call (everyone was too busy getting seconds!), it did soften the views that some in our family have about the church. While we don’t know what will happen down the road as a result of the lasagna, chicken pot-pies, or zitis that were dropped off at our home last week, what I do know is that it piqued the interest, touched the hearts, and filled the stomachs of those who saw what was going on.

What little things does YOUR church do well?

Matt Steen

Matt Steen loves seeing the church thrive.  Currently serving as a Church Concierge with Church Simple, Matt has served as an executive pastor, youth pastor, and planted a church in Baltimore.  Matt lives on Long Island with his wife Theresa where he secretly leads a resistance movement against the New York Yankees (this might be the Orioles year... or not).  You can follow Matt on twitter (@matt_steen) or at ChurchThought.