Warning: Don’t Let This Person Join Your Church!

By Lane Corley

Beware of the CowDo whatever you have to do to keep this person away from your church! He will do more to keep your church inward focused and ineffective than almost anything. Because of this person, needs are going unmet in our community today. He has provided excuses, caused conflicts, and often raises unfounded questions and criticisms. He will also keep other people in church from serving God, using their spiritual gifts, from worshiping through giving, and growing in their walk with Christ. He or she may even cost your church more money as you have to hire more staff to fix what this person has done to the hearts and minds of people in the congregation.

Let me give you this persons name: SOMEBODY ELSE.

As a ministry leader, I heard often about the exploits of SOMEBODY ELSE, but it was always false and there efforts always resulted in less ministry being accomplished.

“I thought SOMEBODY ELSE would do it.”
“Why didn’t SOMEBODY ELSE think of that.”
“I can’t, but certainly SOMEBODY ELSE will be able to be there.”
“We don’t have to go, SOMEBODY ELSE can do my part.”

Pastor, do yourself a favor, at the next Business Meeting, lead your people to vote SOMEBODY ELSE out of the church! And remind the church regularly that SOMEBODY ELSE is gone FOREVER. So, SOMEBODY ELSE = NOBODY = less of what God wants to do through the body of Christ in your community.

Lane Corley

Lane Corley serves as Church Planting Strategist for the Northshore Baptist Association, in Southeast Louisiana. He also is Lead Planter for Bridge Church, in Madisonville, LA.