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  1. This is something I am working hard at this year and believe that we will see good things come of it. My music people really seem to like this direction and I know I preach better when I plan a little further out. From time to time we may change, but I want to involve more people in the service. Involving more means planning. It also lets us look at extra things in the service we could do that tie in.

  2. When you turn control over to the Holy Spirit, changes are necessary more often than after an obvious tragedy…not necessarily every week, but often enough if you’re really listening. If you are open to His lead, it will have absolutely nothing to do with luck! Loosen your grip and He will take over.

  3. Thank you Pastor the message is a blessing to me, also timely.

  4. you sound like a very whiny staff member. my felt need after reading your article: man up!

  5. Excellent advice. I shall follow some of it. :)