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BELLINGHAM, WA – ORA NET LLC announces its new initiative introducing a disruptive technology to promote the oldest form of recognized religious expression in the Christian and Jewish faiths–prayer. The ORA system creates a personal mobile experience for the individual and an enterprise-quality community management platform for any organization to invite, connect, share, respond and interact with one another in intercessory prayer.

“That’s a lot of words to describe it, but ORA’s technology gives us the ability to do so much more to leverage existing social networks and mobile devices to connect individuals in the most meaningful relationship they can have with others and with God,” said Jeff Bone, Chief Marketing Officer for ORA.

The Bellingham, WA, company has introduced what many are calling one of the most revolutionary developments for the faith community to be released in decades.

“ORA collects, organizes, tracks, reminds, connects and securely shares prayer requests and answers with anyone you choose. ORA does this at a personal and intimate level with your friends and family through the mobile platform or ‘app’ on your smartphone. And ORA does this…

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True MissionPastor, you’ve got a sleeping giant in your church. If you awake that sleeping giant, it’ll change your church, your community and the world. This sleeping giant in your church is your unengaged lay people.

If 10 percent of your church does most of the work, you have nine entire churches your size sitting on the sidelines each week. Fully engaged, the ministry potential of your church is mind-boggling!

Each Sunday, church pews are filled with members who are doing nothing with their faith except “keeping” it. The designation active member in most churches simply means those who attend regularly and financially support the church. Not much more is expected.

But God has far greater expectations for every Christian. He expects every Christian to use their gifts and talents in ministry. If we can ever awaken and unleash the massive talent, resources, creativity, and energy found in the typical local church, Christianity will explode with growth at an unprecedented rate.

I believe that the greatest need in evangelical churches is the release of members for ministry. George Gallup once took a survey and discovered that only ten percent of American church…

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Daily Hope RadioRick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life and pastor at Saddleback Church, has launched a new, national radio program called DAILY HOPE. It’s 30 minutes of daily inspiration and practical help from the Bible.

His first topic this month is “THE INVISIBLE WAR: Why Life is so Difficult.Pastor Rick will explain the forces around us, against us, and inside us, and what to do when we feel like giving up. It will be incredibly helpful.

By the end of this year, people all over America will be able to hear DAILY HOPE, but it’s airing now first on these Southern California stations:

KBRT AM 740 • 1:30 & 6:00 p.m.

Orange County/Los Angeles

KKLA FM 99.5 • 6:30 p.m.

Orange County/Los Angeles

KPRZ AM 1210 • 10:00 a.m.

San Diego/Temecula

For more cities where you can hear Daily Hope, for resources, or to listen to the program online now, go to  Also if you have a story of how Pastor Rick’s teaching has impacted your life, please share it with us here, it would be so encouraging.

So tune in and help pass on the good news to your friends.

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McFatridge.PrayerActionBy Claude King

Years ago, while reading one of my dozens of books by Andrew Murray, I learned that our modern posture of prayer (kneeling with hands clasped with head bowed) didn’t come from Judaism but from a medieval ceremony. I undertook a study of that ceremony while writing a booklet, “Consecrate the People: Renewing Our Covenant Commitments to Jesus Christ.”

The homage ceremony

In the homage ceremony a king, lord or landowner would call his vassals or subjects before him to pledge their loyalty and obedience to their lord. The king would hold out his open hands. The subject would kneel with bowed head and place his hands inside the hands of his king. Then he would say these words, “I am your man.” (The name of the ceremony comes from the Latin word for man.)

That simple statement essentially meant, “I belong to you.” It included the obligation to obey any request of the king, even the call to battle. That pledge of obedience also included a readiness to obey even if the assignment would cost the life of the subject. It could become a pledge of obedience even…

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History Makers: Living By Faith is a new series based on the epic 10-part miniseries, The Bible, created by the History Channel, Mark Burnett, producer of TV’s Survivor, and Roma Downey. See history brought to life as you relive the dramatic stories of the Scriptures. Learn how to leave an extraordinary legacy despite ordinary circumstances.

Learn More About This Series

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BibleOne man’s advice on finding a Bible that speaks to you.
By Ben Irwin

I grew up in a Christian home surrounded by Bibles—all 400-year-old King James Versions. One day, someone gave me one in a language I could understand, and it transformed my life. I went to seminary, worked as a youth pastor for little while, and then worked for Christ Bible Publishers, where I edited Christian literature—which I love. Because of my experience, I’m passionate about helping people engage the Bible—for the first time or all over again in a fresh way.

Many small groups members want to go deeper, but after looking at shelves upon shelves of Bibles, are unsure of what translation to choose. Unlike a paraphrase Bible, which is written by one or a few, a translation is edited by a committee of scholars. Both have tremendous value to the church.

Several translations are available today, which include fantastic resources. The New International Version is clear and accurate, while the New Living is readable, using language similar to ours today. The New American Standard provides detailed word study, while the New King James is an updated version of the cadence…

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The Bible - Help Your Church & Community See The Bible In A Whole New Way

The Bible miniseries, produced by Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Voice, The Apprentice) and Roma Downey (Touched By An Angel), is coming to television and for two hours every Sunday night for five weeks, from March 3rd through Easter Sunday on March 31st, millions of viewers will see the Bible come to life in a whole new way. Make the most of this opportunity to reach out to the people in your community who will be watching the series but may not attend church—plan a sermon series, small group and outreach campaign and help viewers go deeper and learn even more about the Bible!

Empower Your Members to Invite Friends to Watch The Bible!

The Bible 30-Day Experience Guidebook and Study GuideEncourage Members to Download a FREE Bible Viewing Party Kit
and to host a party for their friends, coworkers and family in their homes. The Viewing Party Kit includes a Host Guide with ideas and helps for planning and inviting friends to come watch the miniseries along with:

  • Invitation Template – just print, complete the party details and give to your…

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Here’s a simple way to evaluate how guests see your church building. Take the “5-Spot Test.”

CasualCoffeeStop at five specific places around your church site for five minutes and answer five questions.

Spot #1: Church parking lot. Just before worship, park in a guest space.

  1. How easy is it to find a parking space?
  2. From here, how enticing is the building’s appearance and landscape?
  3. Is the parking lot well kept?
  4. Is the church sign current and attractive?
  5. Is the main entrance inviting?

Spot #2:  Main Church Entrance. Walk inside at the most obvious entry.

  1. Is the front door clean, attractive, well maintained?
  2. What’s your first impression? Consider décor, lighting, music.
  3. Is the entry area perfectly clean?
  4. Does signage direct guests to childcare, restrooms, worship center?
  5. Are wall displays and printed materials attractive, positive, current?

Spot #3:  Back row panoramic. Sit on the third row from the rear, left side.

  1. Is your view unobstructed? Can you hear well?
  2. What is the overall atmosphere of the worship center?
  3. Are pew envelopes, books, pens or clipboards neat and current?
  4. Are seats, ceilings, walls and floors in perfect condition?
  5. Does worship center reflect careful consideration of décor, upkeep,…

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churchwidecampaign_thumbIf you’ve ever heard the story of Saddleback, you know we moved from one location to another for twelve years before moving onto our campus in 1992. We met in 67 locations in our first 15 years of existence — and broke every church-planting rule that says you must have a consistent meeting location! We grew to more than 10,000 in attendance before we had our first building.

So I’ve never believed that meeting locations are critical to a church fulfilling its mission.

But where you meet to worship is still an important ministry tool for your church. Here are four simple rules we’ve learned at Saddleback throughout the years.

  • Don’t let the shoe tell the foot how big it can get – Never be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to making the most out of your worship space. When your meeting space begins to limit your growth, then it is time to think creatively. Add another service. Find a different venue. Do whatever it takes.
  • Make sure you have enough space – When your service is 80 percent filled, you need to start another service. This is…

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Hear from players during Super Bowl 47 Media Day – how they use the Bible App and what connecting with God’s Word means to them.

Special thanks to

YouVersion is a free Bible for your phone and computer. The Bible App has been installed on over 78 million mobile devices around the world.

When the Bible is always nearby, you can use any moment to read God’s Word.

*Use it on nearly every mobile device
*Enjoy over 400 Bible translations in more than 200 languages
*Listen to audio Bibles on the go
*Choose from hundreds of reading plans
*Share verses quickly on Twitter & Facebook

It’s free. It’s easy to use. It’s right where you are.

On your computer: http:/

Install it on your phone in seconds:

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What On Earth Am I Here For?We’re showing you this letter from Rick to the Saddleback Staff for a couple of reasons.

First, it is reflective of the way Rick communicates to the staff.

  • He says things in a positive way and conveys his own sense of excitement about the things that are happening at the church.
  • He gives tangible examples that show success, and then he affirms the staff.
  • He also talks about the ‘this is next’ plans, helping to building enthusiasm for what comes next. He wants to avoid a let down after the hard work of a successful plan.

Second, he’s already talking about Easter, helping the staff to prepare for a high attendance Weekend.

Third, he talks about Saddleback’s new campaign, “LIVE YOUR CALLING: What On Earth Am I Here For?” This campaign has been reimagined for a new generation and offers a discipleship tool proven to be effective in any church, regardless of size.

What’s happening on the Weekends for the next 10weeks — up to Easter

Dear Staff,

I hope you sense the air of excitement and growth our church has entered into. Last we had 24,500 at services!!!! FOUR of…

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By Jon D. Wilke

LifeWay Christian Resources has launched a new ebookstore at and a new mobile ebook reader, making it more convenient for customers to take their favorite books with them wherever they go.

The LifeWay Reader app is now available as a free download from the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad and from Google Play for Android devices. LifeWay’s new app allows users to build a personal library from a growing list of ebooks and resources from the same Christian publishers found in LifeWay Christian Stores and at The ebookstore currently offers more than 8,000 titles.

The LifeWay Reader app comes with a free pre-loaded copy of the Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB). Other free content also is available online.

“The Bible features in the LifeWay Reader app make it stand apart in the market,” said Tim Vineyard, president of LifeWay Christian Stores.

All ebooks with Scripture references are automatically linked to the related Bible passage. Users can click on the link to display a pop-up window in the app without having to switch apps or wait for a new browser program to…

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