Resources: The Song + Small Group Study


City on a Hill The Song Resources

Megachurch pastor Kyle Idleman of Southeast Christian Church and City on a Hill Studio are on a mission to “Awaken Love” and reclaim the original vision of what God intended marriage to be through the national theatrical release of THE SONG film and accompanying resources. “In our culture we are constantly hearing about love, sex, and marriage. […]

Resource: Christians In the Workplace Small Group Study


Christians In the Workplace

Did you know that our work can be worship to God, as well as service to God and others? Work is something we all do, either full-time throughout our adult lives or during various phases of our lives. But the Hebrew word for “work” in the Old Testament also means “worship” and “serve.” Christians in […]

Resources: Son of God – The Life of Jesus In You Study Kit


Son of God Study Kit

What would happen if you applied the lessons from events in Jesus’ life—temptation, suffering, death, resurrection—to your own? Would you come to know Him more intimately and with a greater understanding of your purpose? Would you embody more completely the mission, love, and mind of Jesus? This DVD small group study, based on producers Mark […]

24 of The Best iPad Apps for Pastors


Apple Ipad Air

What are the best iPad apps for pastors? Using my iPad as a pastor for the last 3 years, I have tried a lot of different apps. If you are anything like me, you are in a never-ending hunt, roaming the iTunes App Store looking for the next app that will make your iPad better […]

5 Essential Tools for Every Productive Pastor


Mac Desk

As pastors, there’s always a lot on our plate. We change hats and capes constantly. I’ve found that being skilled and gifted is not enough, it’s also about finding ways for your gifts to have the greatest impact. 1- Electronic Bible reading (You Version) In the age of instant share technology, we have the ability […]

7 Reasons to Love Sharing the Gospel


Dare 2 Share App

1. It’s like sharing with a person who is broke that they just won the Lotto (only better!) 2. You enter a struggle with the forces of darkness in a battle over a soul’s eternal destination (Epic!) 3. When you share the gospel you are put in a position where you are forced to rely […]

ORA Introduces a New Way to Pray – With a Prayer App


ORA Prayer App

BELLINGHAM, WA – ORA NET LLC announces its new initiative introducing a disruptive technology to promote the oldest form of recognized religious expression in the Christian and Jewish faiths–prayer. The ORA system creates a personal mobile experience for the individual and an enterprise-quality community management platform for any organization to invite, connect, share, respond and […]

Mining Untapped Gold Mines in Your Church


True Mission

Pastor, you’ve got a sleeping giant in your church. If you awake that sleeping giant, it’ll change your church, your community and the world. This sleeping giant in your church is your unengaged lay people. If 10 percent of your church does most of the work, you have nine entire churches your size sitting on […]

Discover Daily Hope Radio with Pastor Rick Warren


Daily Hope Radio

Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life and pastor at Saddleback Church, has launched a new, national radio program called DAILY HOPE. It’s 30 minutes of daily inspiration and practical help from the Bible. His first topic this month is “THE INVISIBLE WAR: Why Life is so Difficult.”Pastor Rick will explain the forces around us, against us, and inside us, and what to do […]

Consecrate the People: Praying in Full Surrender



By Claude King Years ago, while reading one of my dozens of books by Andrew Murray, I learned that our modern posture of prayer (kneeling with hands clasped with head bowed) didn’t come from Judaism but from a medieval ceremony. I undertook a study of that ceremony while writing a booklet, “Consecrate the People: Renewing […]

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