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  1. This list is incredibly helpful, and very insightful. As we know, a multisite is only successful when relationships in the church is the focus. People are fed by a video, but are connected to a person.

    I do wonder what your thoughts are on the focus of a lay-campus pastor? I work full time, and am a lay-campus pastor and sometimes can really struggle with balancing time focusing on developing people, building relationships, and vision casting. Outside of my work schedule, marriage, and life I can feel like I fall short in devoting time to the ministry.

  2. If one is interested in working in a Church, should they focus on learning sales, marketing, leadership, and business development? I thought about going to seminary to learn theology, but I think from what I read I would be better off joining a fraternity be the Pi Alpha Beta event planner while I get a sales and marketing degree. Thoughts?

  3. Thanks, Greg. I am in the process of transitioning out of student ministry after more than 18 years and into a campus pastor position. Your post really helped clarify the kinds of things I can expect to be involved in. I appreciate it!

  4. Greg – Thank you so much for this article and all you’re doing through Forest Park. I’m a Campus Pastor in York, PA at LCBCchurch.com. Appreciate the way you communicated this. Pray God continues to do great things through you and your campus.

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  8. Greg, thanks for writing this down for us man! I am a campus pastor at http://www.liquidchurch.com and it has been an exciting road. Thanks for being a resource for those of us out there doing the same thing as you. I’d love to hear more!

  9. This is way better than the notes I took. :) Awesome!