• Bob Fuller

    Thanks for the “clarity” Matt. Would love to chat with you. Engaging in a Vision for our church.

  • Montarious Usher

    Great article Matt! My questions is how does one create a vision for a new church. For example a person recognizes the call to become a pastor. The person is now tasked to develope a church Vision by writing it down on paper. What would be the first steps in your opinion beside the obvious listen to the holy spirit. I appreciate this article and all taht your doing.

  • Paul

    Don’t you believe that a vision statement must be goal oriented and attainable (even if it is on the verge of miraculous) and not some generic, unmeasurable statement of faith or doctrine? A mission statement would be, “serving God, serving others” or something of the sort, but that’s not attainable in a measurable way. Do you agree? Vision statements should describe what you’re going to look like in 5 years, 10 years, etc, in my opinion.

  • Great article.  I’m trying to set the vision for the church I’m at right now.  A difficult task, to be sure.  But utterly necessary!

    • Thanks, Charles!  

      I’d love to help if I may… let me know how I might serve!

  • Andrew_nyholm

    How about this for one?
    “Gods hands and Gods feet, moved by Gods heart.”