The Hand of a Godly Leader

By Artie Davis

HandA godly leader is very careful where they put their effort. They understand that time and effort is limited, so they put aside the selfish and robbing things, and choose to pick up the God-Thing. The God-Thing is the task or activity that God has communicated as priority. That’s where the hand goes.

The hand of a godly leader will not be guided by any voice or vice, save that of God Himself. He instructs, and the godly leader grabs with all his might. I wish I had learned this lesson 20-years ago. It would have saved a lot of time and hurt.

There are similarities in the way the hand of a godly leader grabs…

  • They touch with Love and Acceptance
  • They always pull up, and never push down
  • They reach out to those outside the Kingdom
  • They hold up those working in the Kingdom
  • They touch to heal and comfort
  • They grip strong in friendship and don’t weaken
  • They hold & love with out discrimination
  • They protect & guard with great loyalty

I hope you have the privilege and honor of holding such a hand, and offering the same to others around you.


Artie Davis

Artie Davis wears a lot of hats and leads a lot of people. He's Pastor at Cornerstone Community Church in Orangeburg, SC. He heads the Comb Network and the Sticks Conference. He speaks and writes about leadership, ministry, church-planting, and cultural diversity in the church. You can find his blog at or catch him on Twitter @artiedavis.