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  1. For the first time ever, our church through our Freedom Session program http://freedomsession.com/ has small groups specifically for people formerly and presently in ministry (ie. pastors, missionaries, christian workers). This program, similar to Celebrate Recovery (but in my opinion a better alternative) is already making quite a difference in the lives of these front line ministers of the gospel, both male and female (in separate gender specific groups).

  2. A friend who is a pastor’s wife asked my help in organizing a event for pastors and their wives. Found your testimony through research. It just shows we are all so human regardless of ours or our husband’s title. BEAUTIFUL TESTIMONY of God’s grace. ” Lord make us like you when you said to the adultrious woman, ‘Neither do I condemn you;’ In John 8:12. Let us not condemn. Thank you for Cekebrate Recovery where we are reminded of your mercy, forgiveness and freedom! Amen”

  3. None can make God number one and be number two. You cannot lift God up and go down.As you serve God,you will be serviced by Him. You can’t be used by God and not be useful in life and in your generation.
    As you honor Him , He will honor you you too.

  4. There are no limits to what God can do in a person’s life if they are willing to be vulnerable. Amazing testimony of another changed life!

  1. http://ln-s.net/-Vq$ - August 3, 2013


    Testimony of a Pastor’s Wife (Mine!)