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  1. I like big buts and I cannot lie. “But” as in the conviction used in scripture. It was funny. But,(pun intended) I still remember it like yesterday

  2. I’ve had this said twice to me when I visited two churches for the first time recently in Oneida County, New York; After introduction: Welcome sister—

  3. The pastor at our church will tell you “I don’t hear you” if he is upset with you. And he says ” I don’t hear other voices, but I hear you” when he is trying to get you in his corner on some project. I have heard both said to me. I have no trust or respect for either statement or the man.

  4. I heard the first one before. The Pastor was so proud that his church doesn’t have any homosexual, but in fact, all people are sinners and Jesus Christ came to save sinners.

  5. “Let’s not promote this outreach; let’s let it grow organically.”

  6. My all time favorite: “That’s just the way (name of person) is and he(she) will never change.”
    Isn’t God all about changing people?!

  7. Gotta say, I’ve been preaching for over 30 years and have never heard anyone say any of the first nine.

  8. “You have low self-esteem, don’t you?” What one pastor said to me when I tried to share some of my struggles with him. Ugh.

  9. “I am the way i am take it or leave it. I am not gonna change for anyone!!!”
    – what an older pastor once said to me when I called him out on his attitude toward some peope.

  10. (opening sentence of sermon based in one of the Gospels)

    “Jesus probably never actually said these words, but let’s see what we can learn from them anyway”

    .. the scary part being that, the following week, the pastor was away and one of his church church members preached in his place and began in exactly the same way…

  11. I also have never heard a pastor say these things… verbally. But I know many pastors who through their actions (or lack thereof) have said these things.

  12. I love the concept for this post, but I’ve never heard a pastor say any of these things.

    Here is a personal favorite of mine from Benny Hinn- http://youtu.be/4L2NwAcvV1g

  13. I agree with Jeremy. There are many things said by pastors all the time that could have been more informative. Some examples:
    1. God told me to tell you…(Pastors use this statement way too liberally nowadays)
    2. I don’t have to do it because God will make a way… (faith based cop out 101)
    3. We don’t need to evangelize because the Holy Spirit will bring them in.