Stuck In a Funk? How to Get Your Church Moving Forward

By Staff

This eBook is designed for churches that find themselves stuck. Filled with practical insights, it’s designed for the church that has been stuck for decades and is facing decline, or the church that has had success and impact in the recent past but finds itself plateaued.

Like his other books, Tony Morgan provides wisdom and application to help churches take their next steps. Based on four previously released eBooks in the Leisure Suit Series, “Stuck in a Funk?” provides a fresh take on these four key questions:

1. Why do churches get stuck?
2. How does the church move toward a new vision?
3. What does it take to lead change?
4. How do you communicate when change is needed?

The eBook is designed to be read and discussed with a team. There are questions included to guide discussion and establish an action plan.

The church certainly does not need to be stuck in a funk. This eBook will challenge your thinking and help your ministry to have a bigger and healthier impact. Staff

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