Stop Selling “Its a Small World” to Christians

By Geoff Surratt

I’ve always hated the “Its a Small World” ride at Disney land. I don’t know if its the incessant song, the Chucky-like dolls or just the bland predictability of it all. I prefer Mr Toad’s Wild Ride where every turn is a new adventure. Just when you think you have it figured out you are spun and around and sent off in an entirely new direction.

So I wonder why we feel compelled to sell the Christian life as more Small Word than Wild Ride? We tell people if they’ll take the six steps to a better life in Jesus their finances will improve, their spouse will love them more and their acne will clear up. While there might be bumps along the way, the more we follow Jesus the better our world will be. Sing along, “Its a Christ world after all, its a Christ world after all…”

When the cancer recurs, a husband leaves, a foreclosure happens good Christian people are devastated. This isn’t what stood in line for. What happened to the gentle boat ride, the pleasant song? They realize that the steps and keys and formulas for a better tomorrow are worthless when today slaps you in the face.

The funny thing is Jesus never soft sold discipleship. He spoke of taking up your cross, selling your possessions, hating your family. He promised his followers that in the world they would have trouble and they would be hated; he invited them join him on Mr Toad’s Wild Ride.

The thing about the Wild Ride is no matter how wild it gets you know that everything will be alright in the end. You’ll be spun around, jerked left and then right, stopped, started and stopped again. But then the ride will end and you will be ok. That is the promise of the Christian life. Not that we will figure it all out, raise successful kids, have an awesome marriage and live debt free. Those are incredible benefits that some experience and others don’t, but they are not the hope of the Christian life. The hope is that everything will alright in the end. To quote the movie “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”, if its not alright then you know its not the end.

Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life and have it to the full.” That full life will include wonderful things and things to awful to think about. But everything, every thing, will be alright in the end. Let’s tell people that. Because that is the truth.

Geoff Surratt

Geoff lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife Sherry. (CEO of MOPS International) Geoff and Sherry have two awesome kids (Mike and Brittainy), a wonderful daughter-in-law (Hilary) and the most beautiful granddaughters on earth (Maggie Claire and Mollie Rose) Geoff has served on staff at Seacoast Church and Saddleback Church. He now serves as Pastor of Church Planting at Southeast Christian in Parker, Colorado as well coaching churches and leaders around the country. He blogs at Inner Revolution.