• Patrick Kgoadi

    I have experienced the hurt of this temptation and divorce. Fortunately I remarried and wouldn’t want to repeat that. I bring the thoughts of my previous experience to bare CONSCIOUSLY tell myself WHY! and NO! I also push in my thought what if my wife also did it the same! How would I feel! So I then immediately feel I trust her, and this somehow makes that trust reflect it me. In the end if I find myself alone with the opposite sex I temptation becomes just a thought which I try not to dwell on. In the end I also think ways how i should enjoy sex with my wife. Thanks for your message.

    • Thank you for your honesty and for adding your insights. Blessings brother.

  • Festus

    Greetings sir,
    I m happy for your practical approach to the topic, l have wonderful to learn and with youth in my church thank you Festus

    • Thank you, Festus. Glad it was a blessing to you.