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    Wouldn’t that mean for His disciples that He spoke to who were all Jewish , of the nation of Israel, to now include nations other than Israel- Gentiles? Jesus made a statement prior that He had only came to save the Jewish people, so hopefully He was referring to include non-Jews.

  • Ange

    You mentioned that we as “leaders” are to send out disciples? We are ALL to go and reach the ends of the earth NOT for us to make disciples and send them. he is refering to ALL christians.

    • Colin

      The Bible makes it clear that one of the duties of pastors is to equip the body of Christ for ministry. While it is true that we are all disciples, leaders are in a unique role. However, if a leader can equip 100 persons for missions, he or she is far more effective replicating himself that if he did ministry one-on-one. So yes, while leaders are also disciples, they also have the added responsibility of equipping/training which is another form of discipling.

  • Disciple of Jesus Christ

    Every Christian is a disciple of Jesus Christ. Will we teach cheap grace or costly grace? “Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ” (Dietrich Bonhoeffer). God’s grace be with us all.

  • Disciple of Jesus Christ

    Discipleship is not a short course or a 8-week Bible study; discipleship is a lifelong journey. In fact, making disciples must be the bedrock of every church, not just a special Tuesday night class or an after-the-fact curriculum. The churches that claim to be Christian must teach Christ and not the flavor of the month simpy to appease church financial donors. As Christ explains in Matthew 7, many will call my name, but most will be lost. Let us stop teaching a watered down Christ, but rather let us proclaim the Way, the Truth, and the Life – Christ Jesus. Let the church bring people back to Christ by teaching that we must die daily and pick up our cross daily, and to get are eyes fixed on Christ and not on the world. Church attendance across the United States is in a downward spiral. It is high time that we get back to pleasing God and stop seling out to the whims of man. Let us get back to Christ and remain there!

    • Ells

      Very well said