5 Things I Used to Believe about Small Group Ministry


Don’t hate me, but there are at least 5 things I used to believe about small group ministry…that I no longer believe are true.  Actually, I no longer believe they are the best way to do what needs to be done. Here are 5 things I used to believe…and what I’ve found to be a […]

Senior Pastors: Authentic Community Begins with You


Senior pastors…you need to know something.  If you want authentic community to flourish in your church, it begins with you.  It must begin with you. I don’t know what has prompted your hope for authentic community to take hold in your church.  Maybe you’ve listened to Rick Warren or Andy Stanley or Bill Hybels talk about their […]

5 Simple Moves That Will Shift Your Ministry to a New Trajectory


The moves I’m going to suggest are simple.  They’re not hard to understand.  They’re not even hard to execute.  They’re not easy.  They will take some work.  But they’re not complicated.  They’re simple and they will shift your ministry to a new trajectory. Here are 5 simple moves: Choose a cross-cultural church-wide campaign for February, […]

8 Habits of a Life-Changing Small Group Leader

Line Leader

I’ve written recently about the 8 Commitments for Small Group Leaders as well as how to design your group meeting for life-change; two helpful angles from which to think about building a thriving small group ministry.  But what about the habits that help create the kind of man or woman who operates as an agent of life-change? Here […]

10 Ways to Connect With Your Neighbors This Fall


It doesn’t take much imagination to find ways for small group members to connect with their neighbors.  Sometimes all it takes is a crisp fall morning or a spooky October evening. Here are my top 10 ideas: Movie night outside for kids and families.  Easy to do with a video projector.  Pick the right movie, […]

8 Commitments for Small Group Leaders


Whether you use a low or high bar of small group leadership, I think all of us have hope that our leaders will do more than open their home, facilitate a discussion or convene a meeting.  And…I think some of us have begun laying the foundation for a kind of leadership pathway.  See also, Raising the Bar, Lowering […]

A Recipe for Great Men’s Group Gatherings

photo credit: [phil h]

In a recent study by Men’s Health it was revealed that the top two ways men stay connected with friends are texting (#1) and “get togethers” (#2).  The reason we prefer these ways are twofold:  texting fits the factual, short, bottom line style of communication we appreciate and “get togethers” feed our need for closer, interpersonal camaraderie […]

5 Commitments That Propel and Sustain a Thriving Small Group Ministry


Ever wonder why some small group ministries seem to steadily move to new levels of success and health while others start with a bang and go out with a whimper? Here are 5 commitments that make the difference: Connecting everyone to a small group is a top objective every year.  By “everyone” I mean everyone.  And […]

6 Keys to Accelerating Small Group Ministry Growth and Impact


Once you make the decision that small groups will be your primary (or only) delivery system for connection and discipleship it only makes sense to look for ways to accelerate small group ministry growth and impact. Here are what I’ve found to be 6 keys: Your senior pastor must become the primary spokesperson and champion. […]

Five GroupLife Dots You May Not Be Connecting


Do you have small group ministry issues you just can’t figure out?  Feel like there are just some dots that don’t connect to anything?  I think most of the time, they actually do connect.  We just miss the connection between the way we’re doing things and the results we’re experiencing. I love this line from […]

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