5 Habits I’d Look for If I Was Hiring a Small Group Pastor

Small Group Pastor

I’ve been asked many times for a small group pastor job description, and that is certainly one way to look at the situation.  If I was a senior pastor though, I’d look at it from another angle.  I’d try to figure out the habits and patterns that make for the ideal candidate. Here are the 5 […]

Fresh Ideas for New Sunday School Classes

Old Sunday School

When a church begins new small groups or Sunday School classes, eternity is impacted. New hands are put to the task. Easy entry points are established. Members are more likely to invite lost friends. Peripheral members become involved. And Christians joyfully rediscover the outreach purpose of the church. Imagine what would happen if your church […]

Top 10 Signs Your Small Group Ministry Needs a Reboot


You know the painfully frustrating experience when your computer is just stuck and you can’t get it to do what it’s supposed to do?  You sit there helplessly and watch the little twirly thing spin.  Can’t get any work done.  Can’t even shut down correctly. Know the feeling?  Sometimes the best solution is to reboot […]

Evaluate Your Small Group Ministry with This 10 Point Checklist


Everyone knows that before you take your car on a road trip…you really should do more than fill up the gas tank.  You might check the tire pressure and take it in for an oil change.  You might decide it’s time for new windshield wipers or even a new set of tires. Getting ready for […]

Saddleback’s Newest Church-Wide Campaign: Transformed – How God Changes Us


If I told you I look forward every year to the next campaign from Saddleback…you’d know I was telling you the truth, right?  Listen, Transformed: How God Changes Us is brand new, hot off the presses, and might be just what the doctor ordered for your church. If the early part of the year is made for […]

5 Powerful Ideas That Could Reshape Your Ministry Approach


From the mundane and everyday to the extraordinary and once-in-a-lifetime, all of us have puzzles we are trying to solve.  Sometimes a single new perspective is all that’s needed to solve a difficult puzzle.  I love Alan Kay’s wisdom that “perspective is worth 80 IQ points.” The thing is, I don’t know what your puzzle is.  No […]

7 Signs of a Healthy Small Group

Healthy Small Group

I’m sold on small groups. There are very few ways to create an atmosphere conducive to building strong relationships than studying the Bible in the living room of a friend. I also agree with Rick Howerton about the need to consider a more organic pathway to healthy groups. I was recently in a conversation with […]

10 Powerful Benefits of a Thriving Small Group Ministry


Have you figured this out already?  Still arm wrestling with the usual suspects over whether the return on investment is worth the cost? Here are 10 killer benefits of a thriving small group ministry: Life-change happens best in small groups. You might have a killer weekend worship service with powerful teaching and inspiring worship, but […]

5 Assumptions That Set Small Group Coaching Up to #Fail


Small group coaching does not work.”  If I’ve heard that once, I’ve heard it a million times.  In fact, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard it…I’d be a millionaire! Ever said it yourself? I’ve discovered there are five assumptions that set small group coaching up to #fail.  Wonder if you have […]

Pastor, You Need the Refuge of a Gospel Community

Starting Small

We pastors are good at our individual faith. Really good. We can pray. We can read. We can introspect. We can “interpret.” We can do a “quiet time.” We can study. We can exegete. But we pastors aren’t so good at sharing our faith. I mean, we can share it from stage. Woven into generic […]

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