• Apostle Elect Setterick Allen

    God bless you Man of God I’m a Pastor and I’m asking God how do the Church walk in love you have given me the answer thanks

  • There are two types of relationships that we need to focus on in order to build loving church. Relationship with Jesus Christ and relationship with humans. As long as we focus on these two things, we can build a loving church.

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  • Elver Mendenhall

    Pastor Rick,

    Thanks for a wonderful article. Being a loving church is what I long for our church to be. I believe we are now, but the things you shared can help us to do better.

  • Stavri Kona

    Hi, pastor Rick!
    I’m trying to serve in my church in the province of Milan.
    Genial idea:
    “…began writing letters – one note a week – saying, “I appreciate you,” and they sent them to others in your congregation…”

    I will propose that, at other 4 brothers (councilors of the church)!!! Hope they appreciate that and start do it, together!!!
    God bless you!!!

  • JooChing Chng

    Dear Pas Rick,

    You have made it so easy to bridge the teachings in the Scripture to today’s context. The church can be loving to all by volunteerly submitting ourselves to the instruction given in the Bible. I’ve been blessed. Thanks for sharing.

    jooching, missionary, zambales, philippines

  • Dessie

    Dear Pastor you don’t know me but i have been highly influenced by your teaching for the past 10+ years. Currently I am involved in leadership team of one of the church in northern part of Ethiopia. Thank you again for your wonderful insight about being a loving church. They are inspirational and push us to work hard to keep souls who have came a long distance to be part of our church to remain where they belong.

  • Fay Barker

    I am totally blessed on a daily basis with the teaching from your ministry. I was just putting together a Life Group study on Encouraging People and raising the dead, ie (dreams, spirits, bodies, mentally, emotionally etc.) and in came your Six Secrets for Becoming a Loving Church. A huge thank you – your reward down here and in eternity will be totally amazing.
    Fay Barker, Australia