• jeffscottkennedy

    Really? Sheesh. I am going to respond to this, but I’m going to take a little time to pray through it and seek the wise counsel of friends first. Good grief.

  • Tumwebaze Hannington

    So encouraging. it takes real commitment to stay focused to the vision. I have greatly been inspired not to stop sharing the vision. I think thats what I needed most.

    • Most of us don’t lack vision, we lack the awareness of often it must be shared with our people. Grateful you were inspired and encouraged. Stay the course!

  • A timely word for me with the “inspect/suspect” idea. Just this morning I wrote in my journal about some areas of my life that needed inspection. I’m not a church planter, but I am part of Christ’s body and need to hear sound advice. Thank you.

    • Glad it encouraged you, Paula. Thank you for your comment.