3 Reasons I Preach in a Series

blue flame bible

I rarely preach one-and-done sermons—very rarely. Come to any service at Saddleback and you’ll catch us either at the beginning, middle or end of a series. Why do I do this? It builds momentum. Momentum matters in ministry. It’s what keeps your church going in the same positive direction. It isn’t easy moving people in […]

We Want to Mentor You and Your Staff, So You Can Mentor Others


What God has done through Saddleback over the past 30 years hasn’t happened because I’m smart. It’s because I’ve had great mentors and advisors. We’re planning some special conferences created not only to mentor you and your staff, but also to teach you how to mentor other pastors and their staffs. Help us by taking this […]

5 Ways to Prepare For 2013

Green Cross.Crosses

Before doing anything else, would you do me this favor and take this short one-page survey. I love pastors. I always have. My father, grandfather and great-grandfather were Baptist pastors. My father-in-law, brother-in-law and son-in-law are or were all pastors. I spent part of my childhood on a seminary campus and was constantly around pastors and […]

After Tragedy, Help Your Congregation Ask, “What Can We Do Now?”


We live in a fallen world, and God’s will is not always done on earth. Still, when we’re faced with such an immense tragedy as the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, we are tempted to ask, “Why?” But such questions are unanswerable – we simply don’t know. Instead of asking, “Why?” we need to help our […]

4 Free Resources for Ministering In Times of Tragedy

Grief and Loss

Our hearts are all broken for the families who lost children and loved ones this past Friday in Newtown, Connecticut. We pray for them as well as for emergency workers, teachers, and counselors who have been involved in helping the community in the aftermath. Pastors fulfill a special calling in moments of tragedy. We carry the […]

Let Your Church Be All About the One Stray Sheep This Christmas

Planning Christmas

As you know, people will show up at your church for Christmas that won’t show up any other time during the year. Here are three ways to help them see the importance of Christmas – Remind them that they need a rescuer. Sheep who are lost can’t save themselves. If a sheep’s rescue is completely dependent […]

January is the Perfect Time to Add More Small Groups

Small Group

January is the perfect time to add more small groups. Tell your members small groups are important because – 1. Small groups move us out of self-centered isolation. It’s the classroom for learning how to get along in God’s family. It’s a lab for practicing unselfish, sympathetic love. You learn to care about others and […]

4 Things You Should Know About Your Community

Community puzzle

Often when I ask another pastor who his church is trying to reach, he gives me a very spiritual answer—lost people. It sounds good, but it usually means the pastor has a very fuzzy view of his own community. When I was in seminary, I was taught I had to understand the culture of the […]

7 Ways to Help Others Understand the Vision


A lot of people have great vision. But you’ll never see your vision become a reality unless you communicate it well to others. Many great God-given dreams die in the vision-casting stage. In fact, there are seven particular things you need to make sure your people understand in the process of sharing your vision with them. […]

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Facing Conflict: Go to God First

Blue Cross

When faced with conflict, the first thing we should do is go to God. Too often, it is the last thing we do. Ask God about what’s causing the conflict. You might be able to end the conflict right there. James 4:2 says, “You covet but you cannot get what you want, so you quarrel […]

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