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Daily Hope Radio

Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life and pastor at Saddleback Church, has launched a new, national radio program called DAILY HOPE. It’s 30 minutes of daily inspiration and practical help from the Bible. His first topic this month is “THE INVISIBLE WAR: Why Life is so Difficult.”Pastor Rick will explain the forces around us, against us, and inside us, and what to do […]

Three Ways NOT to Respond to Failure



The amazing thing about Easter is that God loves to turn crucifixions into resurrections. God loves to turn around the things that you think are absolutely hopeless. How does God take a minus and turn it into a plus? How does He take the negative things in our lives that are bad and use them […]

The Most Overlooked Key to a Growing Church



I believe the most overlooked key to growing a church is this: We must love unbelievers the way Jesus did. Without His passion for the lost, we will be unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary to reach them. Jesus loved lost people. He loved spending time with them. He went to their parties. From the […]

5 Tips for Writing to Your Easter Visitors



For many people in your community, Easter is the only day of the year they’ll show up at church. It’s a great opportunity to reach out to those who don’t think about church the other 364 days of the year. You’ll want to reach out to your visitors and thank them for coming. Depending upon […]

4 Options When Your Church Doesn’t Match the Community



What do you do when your church no longer looks like the community that surrounds it? Focus on what your church does well.  Don’t try to be something you’re not.  If your church is primarily made up of elderly folks, decide to become the most effective ministry to senior citizens in your community that you […]

Church Planters: 5 Steps to Take but Take Them Slow



Every church needs a plan to disciple its congregation. You need a plan to take people from “come and see” to “come and die”—which is where Jesus took His disciples during His earthly ministry. For most of the history of the Church, that discipleship plan was simply called a catechism. It’s not a new idea. […]

Build a Bridge Between God’s Word and Issues of Our Day


The Bible Series

The challenge of preaching is to declare eternal truth — what doesn’t change — in a culture that’s always changing. The message never changes. It’s the “faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints”. (Jude v.3 NIV) But the methods have to change with every generation. Otherwise, you’re not being faithful to the […]

Never Start a Ministry Without a Minister


Green Cross.Crosses

Saddleback didn’t have an organized youth ministry until we had 500 in attendance. We didn’t have a singles ministry until we had 1,000 people in attendance. And I’m glad we didn’t. It’s not because those ministries aren’t important. They’re vital! But God hadn’t provided anyone to lead them. Never create a ministry position and then […]

4 Simple Rules About Where Your Church Meets



If you’ve ever heard the story of Saddleback, you know we moved from one location to another for twelve years before moving onto our campus in 1992. We met in 67 locations in our first 15 years of existence — and broke every church-planting rule that says you must have a consistent meeting location! We […]

High-Pressure Invitations Are Counter-Productive


High Pressure Preaching

Preaching to people who aren’t accustomed to church isn’t like preaching to a well-churched community. Too many preachers say they want to reach people who are far from God, but they don’t adjust their preaching style to impact the spiritually lost. One change in your preaching style to consider is how you ask for a […]

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