• I appreciate what you shared, I am reading a book now about the need for some churches to go through a resurrection. Interesting.

    • Thanks for the feedback Tobin! If you’re interested, we run an annual conference entitled “The DREAM Church Conference” that helps church leaders turn their church around. For more info go here: http://www.thedreamchurchconference.com/

  • Jim Keitt

    One of the characteristics that I most admire about Pastor Brian is that he (and his staff) genuinely seek guidance and direction from the Holy Spirit, wait to receive it, then act on it with total commitment and obedience, instead of brainstorming their own ideas, coming up with a plan or a program, then asking God to bless their ideas. God blesses trust, faith, and obedience, and Pastor Brian leads by his example of these. Another trait of Pastor Brian’s is that he truly loves God and he truly loves people, and he demonstrates that love not only in his messages, but in his lifestyle.