Preparing for Easter and Getting New People to Serve

By Guest Contributor

Stained GlassAt Christ Fellowship, we wanted to answer the question, ‘How do you get people to serve when they don’t even make a commitment to attend worship every weekend?’

To answer this question, we created “pre-serve” events.  These events are designed to give people an exciting experience where the benefit of serving far outweighs giving up their time.  A pre-serve event introduces someone to the concept of serving without asking for a long-term commitment.  They are one-time events with a maximum 2-hour time frame. We host the events right after Sunday worship because it encourages people to attend worship and we can offer extended childcare for preschoolers.

Several weeks ago, we hosted Feed the City.  Teams were launched into the city to offer a pre-packaged meal to the hungry and hurting.  Forty to fifty specific places were identified such as parks, laundry mats, community centers and street corners.  Each team went to two locations with a styrofoam cooler full of meals.  In an hour and half, 160 volunteers fed 900 people.

This Sunday leading up to Easter we are hosting another pre-serve event.  Teams will canvas 1,000 homes surrounding the church.  Each home will receive an artisan loaf of bread with an invite card to Easter Sunday.  Teams won’t go in the home or even enter into long conversations; the purpose is to simply show love to our neighbors and offer an invite to church.

The benefit of this type of event is it gets people excited about serving.  If someone has a positive experience serving, it increases the odds that they’ll make a commitment to serving on a regular basis on Sundays or throughout the week.  The pre-serve event warms people to the idea of making a commitment.

What are you doing to help people get over their commitment phobia?

For more information on our pre-serve events go to 1Year2Live.

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Guest Contributor