One More Way to Outline a Sermon


Adrian Rogers outlined sermons using four phrases: Hey You! (Get the audience’s attention) Look! (Examine the Scriptures) See! (Explain the passage) Do! (Make application) Andy Stanley is famous for one-point preaching, but really breaks his messages into five movements: Me (How do I struggle with this?) We (How do we all struggle with this?) God […]

Writing a Sermon Is Like Building a House

Preparing a Sermon is Like Building a House

I was in construction for 8 years of my life, mostly as a roofer. Having done tons of new construction houses over the years I learned a lot about what it takes to build a house from the ground up. There’s something about being on a roof for twelve hours a day at a new […]

Up All Night to Get Lucky? (How to Plan Your Preaching More Effectively)

Up All Night to Get Lucky

Everywhere I go I hear that song playing. It’s on TV, radio, at ballgames, in convenient stores – all over. It’s got stuck in my head. I started thinking on the title and reflecting on past experiences and conversations. I started thinking about how many pastors stay up late Saturday night working on their Sunday […]

Free Download of Pastor Rick and Kay’s ‘How We’re Getting Through’

Rick and Kay Speak

The outpouring of love for Rick and the Warren family from all of you pastors and leaders has been incredible. It means more to Pastor Rick personally than you will ever know. Every day we receive new notes of encouragement, and your love is felt. This past Sunday the 28th, Rick and Kay spoke of the past […]

How to Preach with Authenticity

How to Preach With Authenticity

The kind of preaching that changes lives is from the heart to the heart, not from the head to the head. Lives are changed as we speak from our deepest pain and suffering. Socrates was the first to explain communication in 3 dimensions. He talked about ethos as the speaker’s character, pathos as the speaker’s compassion, and logos […]

3 Ways to Prepare Ourselves to Share with Other People


The New Testament Book of Acts includes a story from the life of Philip that can give us guidance today as we seek to reach unbelievers with the gospel. Philip had been ministering in Samaria when an angel appeared to him with a different assignment. He should leave Samaria, and travel south to a road […]

7 Tips for Preaching to Teenagers


Preaching to teenagers can be extremely challenging but extremely rewarding. After spending years working as a Youth Pastor, I have learned a few things about preaching to teenagers. Photo Credit: Robby McKee cc These lessons were hard-learned through trial and error. Mostly error. This isn’t an exhaustive list of everything you need to know. But […]

The Ten Commandments of iPad Preaching


1. Thou shall turn off notifications. The only thing worse than a cell phone ringing in the middle of a prayer is the preacher’s iPad ringing in the middle of a prayer. Make sure to turn on the ‘Do Not Disturb’ switch in ‘Settings’. I also turn on ‘Airplane Mode’ just to make sure I […]

Free Sermon from Follow Me: What It Means to Be a Disciple of Jesus

Francis Chan at Saddleback

The recent Saddleback sermon series Follow Me has featured some of the best teaching pastors in the US. So far we have heard from Greg Laurie, Francis Chan, Wilfredo De Jesus, Russell Moore, Jud Wilhite, Perry Noble, Judah Smith, and Doug Fields. Our aim is to serve our community of pastors and church leaders. Choose […]

Always Preach for a Specific Response


The Bible is clear that Christians must be “doers of the Word and not hearers only,” (James 1:22) so it’s clear that our responsibility as Pastors and preachers of the Word is to challenge people to do something in response to what we’ve said. In other words, the goal of preaching is life change. How can you […]

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