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  1. Good article, but I wish you would have written “Dress the Part” differently. The “preacher uniform” now days is “looking like a contemporary pastor who is in touch with people”. I ache for preachers like Jack Hayford, Chuck Swindoll, Billy Graham, Haddon Robinson, and others who very much dress with a suit and tie (though I myself don’t).

  2. Great insight Brandon. I agree, we’ve all been there. The great thing about grace is God makes use of what we offer…however flawed…and turns it around for good. I never forget it’s the Holy Spirit who teaches all things, my role is to not get in the way.

  3. Kurt Bubna

    Great article, Brandon!

  4. Hmmm…..

    I’m far too often guilty of this one: “Make People Feel Guilty Enough to Make Short-term Commitments”

    It’s such a challenge trying to exhort people to good works and glorifying God with their lives while…at the same time…not laying the guilt trip. I’ve been praying about this aspect of my preaching ministry more and more and more. I am seeing good progress being made, but much work is still yet to be done.

    Thanks, Brandon.