• bill

    I am not sure how to contact you Rick, but hoping in faith and prayer this will get to you and the others who have design the Daniel Plan. I wanted you to know that we have been preaching and teaching and having small groups, focus group, ect on Healthy Body, Healthy Soul and Healthy Mind which is our 2014 Vision for the church and the Daniel Plan has been an amazing tool for us to use… Since the second week in January, I can’t tell you how many miraculous things have happened in peoples lives, including my own, from the Daniel Plan. Yes the bi-product is weight loss… But I am talking physical, spiritual and mental healing. Marriages, financial, people no long are troubled by inflammation, asthma, back pain and more then we can write in this clip here.

    Well Lord it is in Your hands now, if you want this to go to those who You have chosen to use in bring this tool to our church. We praise you and give you all the glory and honor… because you and only you are worhty of it all… WOW your an awesome God.
    bill (Sr.Pastor)

  • Abe Wieler

    Great points pastor Warren. After a great sermon on the hurts, habits & hang-ups that people struggle with in life, the pastor basically left the congregation hanging. I mentioned to him a week later that it was a great sermon but it would have been nice to have mentioned that anyone struggling in the areas new had talked about to check out the celebrate recovery program that the church offers. I was in shock & disbelief when he replied that we don’t want to tell people what to do over the pulpit! Seriously?

  • Brett, I conclude every message with a commitment time. I offer several options in doing so, One they can come forward and make a public decision or ask for public prayer; two, they can ask for private prayer; and three, we have a Next Step Room for people to come and meet with someone privately. I don’t like the hand raise idea because I think we dropping the ball if we don’t talk with the person one on one and offer prayer, accountability, and directions to grow.

  • Great points Rick. I would be curious on your thoughts with how you see the best way to do this. Do you ask them to check something in a communication card/bulletin or raise their hand or like Billy Graham invite them forward? I don’t see many church extending the invitation to come forward but sometimes I feel like we are missing if we don’t. There is something about someone taking that step and identifying themselves with Jesus as opposed to it being secretive-like.

  • Kathy Widenhouse

    Great post, and the principle is the same in writing. The best articles give a clear call to action.

  • Pastor Robert Ukonu

    I have really been blessed. Thanks so much Pastor Rick

  • David Casswell

    As always a great reminder, challenge, encouragement – Thank you for sharing these things Rick.