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  1. Hello Jim,

    when i was reading your post i cannot help myself but comment. I am not a good letter writer but I would like you to know that all questions i have confirmed with this post. I have been going to Saddleback since 2005 and I never been so blessed with my life. I love Pastor Rick and his passion. I did not realized that I have done all the steps that you have mention here, I will tell you that since I too recognized that I need help, God openned a new whole worth of growth and undertadanting to me. He taught me how to manage my family, finances and relationship to other people. My attitude and perscpective changed. Last year i took a leap of faith, doing business with God.My brother’s pastor in the Philippines had asked me for a prayer that God tugged his heart to do ministry in his community, when I saw his vision which God gave the vision back in 2005 which I brushed off because I thought it way too big, it was bigger than my resources. And then pastor Rick say in the life management 501 series that “if you have a vision, it is not from you. It is God’s vision for and you have to tell other people” I began sharing that vision with my small group and they were receptive. I started collecting money and out of that collection 2 college students were help, infact the other one is graduating this october and the other one next year. I told this pastor that I would like to partner with him and told him that I will pledge every month so that he can start his ministry without the worry of where he is going to get the money to support his family. I did not know where to get the money but God has been so good to me and my family. Through stewardhip that I learned taking the crown ministry series I was able to fulfill my pledged. Then I challenged God and told him that I will double that pledge and see what he can do for me. God has opened lots of door for me and now that ministry is huge. I now started telling and showing what God has done for this ministry and i have few friends came on board with me. We are currently discipling 80 youth. We are also started sponsorship program to our youth that we are currently discipled. We also able to give away back packs and school supplies to our sponsored youth. Currently I am applying for a non profit status under the umbrella of united evangelists association so that we can to more. Saddleback modeled it to us now we are passing it on. Thank you for your post.