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  1. Well said, Carlos. Well said. Pastors are not beyond reproach. We ALL should be striving to be like Christ.

  2. I’m often dubious when I read posts like this. As a Pastor,
    I recognize that being a pastor is not for everyone because not everyone can be
    a pastor. I say this in the most biblical sense, because anyone can occupy a
    title that says Pastor.

    I have observed that many of these “leadership
    experts” do a great job telling others what the litmus tests are until
    they are found guilty of violating them much later in life. Ted Haggard, the
    hundreds of Pastors that are fired and indicted from the SBA, Calvary Chapel. I
    say this because the verses stipulated are the requirements and goals, but not
    always consistent, Sanctification is an ongoing process for Pastors too. I
    recall one time, a very famous holiness Pastor was preaching on the dangers of
    alcohol, Months later I boarded a plane and wondered in the first class section
    and long and behold I found the Holiness preacher drinking a glass of wine,
    while waiting for the flight to take off. Of course I didn’t judge because I
    enjoy a glass of wine with my dinner.

    Perhaps the best approach is the openness and transparency
    that those like Rick Warren and even the Apostle Paul show. Rick Warren for
    years struggled with his son for years, however this article could have been used
    to suggest that Rick Warren shouldn’t have been or be a Pastor. John Piper
    himself would be disqualified for his son. More info about other incidents

    I’m sure it wasn’t the author’s intent to be judgmental;
    however these types of articles promote such an attitude within ministers. Paul
    reminds us that sin dwelled in him and he did the very things he desired not to
    do in Romans 7. John reminds us that whoever says they have no sin, is a liar!
    So I ask, when’s the last time you heard a Pastor speak candidly about the sins
    that he struggles with? You won’t, because of articles like this.

    Matthew 7:2

    New American Standard Bible (NASB)
    For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your
    standard of measure, it will be measured to you

  3. Great article. You told us to see addendum 1 & 2, but they are no where to be found in this article.

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