Six Essential Steps to Recruiting Small Group Hosts

40 Days In the Word

A pastor must be in a small group. You need to show your congregation that small groups are so important for spiritual growth that even you …
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8 Reasons to Be a Bivocational Pastor


By Ray Gilder Should any pastor be bivocational? It’s a question that has been around for a long time. In order to give an informed …
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20 Ways to Prevent Mission Drift (Part 2)


Don't miss reading part one of 20 Ways to Prevent Mission Drift... #11 Marketing Mayhem –  T’s, Stickers, Mugs, Wrist Bracelets, …
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Kelly Rhoades on Missional Shift

Mission Shift

For the last week I have enjoyed reading several essays concerning missions in, Mission Shift, the new book edited by Ed Stetzer and David …
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Why and How To Use A Mobile App For Your Church

Mobile Apps

Whether we like it or not the technological revolution is changing the way we work, live and interact with people and even churches.  Few …
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Why Churches Should Be More Like Kodak

Kodak Camera

Kodak, who introduced their first camera in 1888, filed for bankruptcy last week. Reading CNN's article reminded of my first Kodak an …
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Is Jesus’ Mission IM-possible?


Is the mission of Jesus Christ impossible through our life? Jesus’ Church, which the Bible describes as His Bride, His Family, and His …
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Willow Creek’s New Strategy for Connecting People

The Small Group Show The Small Group Show is a free resource distributed to small group …
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20 Ways to Prevent Mission Drift


Instead getting all passengers to port safely, the captain charted a course to horn blow for a retired captain and drifted to close to …
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Why Women are Leaving the Church

Woman Reading

In August of 2011, the Barna Group released the results of a research study conducted about Women and Faith. In their research, they found …
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