3 Ways to Kill Your Leadership Potential

Titanic Sinking

The first way to kill your leadership potential is to think that those you lead exist to serve you. Transformative Leadership is about …
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4 Ways We Take Cheap Shots, Pastor!


A cheap shot in sports is when you catch your opponent off guard and give him an illegal hit that hurts him badly. The referee usually flags …
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Love First, Understand Later


Take comfort, guys, if you can't always figure out what your special someone wants. You are not alone. Renowned theoretical physicist …
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7 Ways to Connect Everyone In Small Groups

Small Groups

Steve Gladen, the Small Group Pastor at Saddleback Church and Brett Eastman, Founder and President of Lifetogether give an overview of this …
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Remember The Stretch Principle!

Rubber Bands

Imagine yourself holding a rubber band in your hand? That rubber band holds potential. It can be used to hold a stack of important papers …
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How Lack of Diversification Could Be Killing Your Budget


If giving to your church has declined or slowed down it might not be the economy.  In fact contrary to popular opinion studies are now …
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The Power of Clarity in Your Church’s Vision


Tears were streaming down his face as he silently wept: “I can see it so clearly… I just haven’t had the ability to put it into words… …
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9 Characteristics of an Unhealthy Organizational Culture


As leaders, whether it be as CEO’s, coaches, parents, or pastors, we have the honor of being the architects of organizational cultures where …
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The Ministry of Communion


It is the command of Jesus that none should come to the altar with a heart that is unreconciled to his brother. If this command of Jesus …
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Equipping: The Leader’s Job


One of the biggest mistakes I have made through the years in ministry is ‘doing’ ministry rather than equipping others to do ministry.  I …
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